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Alexander McQueen Spring / Summer 2010 + Zara LookBook Preview

The “Mighty” Alexander McQueen left us staggered after the buzz about his armadillo heels on the Spring 2010 runway. Then, just when we thought we were over the 10 inch reptilian printed sequinned fish scale mimicking towers, we find this -the Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign with super model Racquel Zimmerman wearing a jungle printed jump suit with the infamous heels in a bright lime green hue, all while covered in 30 tropical colorful snakes for . WOW, McQueen most certainly has the most intriguing and outstanding ad campaign this season. Can’t wait to see what’s next from this creative genuis for the Fall 2010 collections

Here’s a preview of Zara’s Spring/Summer 2010 womenswear lookbook, and it looks as promising as the last seasons. Minimal, yet sophisticated staples in a natural palette of brown, tan and off white with little to no accessories giving a effortless-chic finish. This looks like a fun collection, check regularly for the release of the entire lookbook + collection.

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Look Of The Week

And the look of the week goes to.... (Drum Roll Please)Thats right... Beyonce! The "female version of a hustla" was spotted in Canned looking Oh so cute and daring in her studded punk/vintage inspired ensemble. She looks gorgeous from head to toe, acid washed blazer, her new bangs, studded leggings, plus the bold red lips... enough said... I love Bey.

Chanel Iman: Spanish Vogue

Yet another Vogue appearance for Chanel Iman which is my favorite runway and editorial model of this time. I recently posted a blog on Chanel in Vogue Germany's "Minnie in Wonderland" shoot where the the young model starlet channelled her inner Minnie with some fun sultry shots. I must say that Chanel looks uber fab in this shoot with fun, adorable staples in an array of rich hue colored pattern pieces glammed up with bold jewelry to add edge. Chanel is at the peak of her modelling career and I'm super excited for where her career is heading.
Stay Chic Chanel!

Tell me what you think...

Lauren Conrad LA Candy "Sweet Little Lies"

When Lauren Conrad tweeted last year that she was coming out with a book 2, I got really excited. For those wondering "who the hell..." LC was the star of the hit MTV reality show "The Hills" and unlike all her cast mates she was the good girl (besides Whitney who left a season prior) with her eyes on the prize. Because of Lauren we went backstage at every fashion show/ event and showed us rookies what to expect as an intern in the industry. Last year she came out with her first novel "LA Candy" a narrative on young hollywood drama. I really enjoyed the first book and was disappointed with the end....well not merely disappointed per say but it left me in much suspense. (Duhhh...thats the objective of an author) Despite what people are saying about her, I support everyone with potential and drive and I would urge most of my readers to pick up the book.... its not what you're thinking, its nothing about her life or a biography. Im excited about "Sweet Little Lies", cant wait to see what happens to connivating Madison smh "This is why you need to get the book lol"... FYI she also has a style book coming soon. Keep you posted!

Trend Alert - Combat Boots

In every sphere of life a girl needs a pair of boots (or booties) that is cute, comfortable and stylish to every extent. Comprehensively, to accomplish these desires, designers have drained their creative juices on a new casual "it-boot" for the typical girl on the run aiming for the punk/rock look. So if you happen to hear the footsteps of an army creeping up behind you stay calm, please donot panic as this will serve as eye candy to the fashionistas with a special place in their heart for vintage inspired footwear. Combat boots have been the "It-Boot" for months now...We've seen Rihanna, Keri and Angela Simmons spotting this trend as well as local highend retailers ;Urban Outfitters and Steve Madden. The best thing about wearing the lace up vinatge inspired combat is that a girls choice of clothing will be versatile, I mean everything from jeans to dresses and blazers to tshirts.

What do you think about this trend? Do you own a pair of combats? How long will this "it-boot" remain hot? I wanna hear your thoughts.... Comment below

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M.A.C Liberty of London

M.A.C officially announced their new line with luxury accessory brand "Liberty of London", which is the latest in a series of famous collabortions. Slated to launch in the US on March 11th, the collection will include a kaleidoscope of colored eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, beauty powder and nail polish and to top it off two exclusive products: makeup bag and scarf. This is a limited collection definitely something for the ladies to look forward to this spring....

Rihanna In Jean Paul Gautier

This Just In: Rihanna hit the red carpet a few hours ago at the NJR awards in Cannes. As usual the diva along with the brainchild behind the scenes (her stylist Mariel Hann) never seizes to amaze us with their choice of staples. Im sure Jean Paul Gautier is uberly proud that his piece looks effortlessly-chic on Ri Ri. She also won international artist of the year ....Props to Rih Rih!!! she's dressed for the occassion. What do you think???

Monday, January 18, 2010

Trend Alert: Prep-Chic

For most of you, school days are over... I remember the days of dressing up my uniforms wearing
my skirts a couple inches shorter, tighter shirts, wearing accessories even though they weren't appropriate and were against the school rules. I lived for giving my uniforms a sassy twist.Glad these
days are over and I can do absolutely anything in the name of fashion to become the utimate prepstar! Yes! thats without a trip to the principals officie. Creating this simple/classy/quirky look is easier than you'd think. Channel your inner stylist and choose daring colors and patterns that compliment each other. Vintage inspired blazers/ sweaters and caridigans will also put the edge to your look. Never forget to accessorise! Sunglasses, Bracelets, or a Handbag will finish the look.... For more inspiration watch Gossip Girls and pay close attention to fashionistas like Angela Simmons and Taylor Swift.....

Are you inspired by Ang and Taylor's outfits??? The Chic Report has something that will help you acquire the look! In no time you will be PREPPY! CHIC and SEXY!!!




67th Golden Globe Awards: My Favorite Gowns

Award season is Finally here! With the Golden Globe red carpet lastnight, the Grammy's of the 31st and the Oscars sometime really soon The Chic Report is really excited!!! Whether you caught or missed the 67th Golden Globe Awards lastnight nothing is more exciting than the morning after critics. As usual there are some dresses I admired and some that should have remained on the racks of designer showrooms. My favorite of the night was Kate Hudson's white gown by Marchesa a definate stunner on the red carpet. While Halle Berry and Mariah showed much cleavage Monique, Sandra Bullock and Fergie gave us shoulders with ruched sillouettes and satin. here are my favorite looks....

Kate Hudson in Marchesa.

Chloe in Valentino

Mo'Nique in Reem Acra
Congrats on the award...

Zoe Saldana in Louis Vuitton

Olivia Wilde in Gucci
Drew Barrymore in Atelier Versace

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Minnie Mouse Makes A Fashionable Comeback

Dont Call This A Comeback! To dismay of reigning fictional fashionistas the legendary "Minnie Mouse" is back on the scene and this time around she has a huge celebrity fan base. Watch out now Hello Kitty! I remember the days of Disney's Mickie Mouse with Minnie stealing every scene with her fashionably perky ensembles. I think its safe to say that Minnie invented trends like the polka dot, bow headbands, ballet flats, flattering baby doll dresses and the bold leggings. Lately, everyone from celebrity, models and designers are channelling their inner Minnie with their chic Minnie inspired outfits!
Solange Knowles is inspired by everything retro she has made it clear with her choice of music and also her personal style. Ofcourse the iconic Minnie will spark her interest. A few months ago Solo did an interview with blender magazine where she dressed up as minnie mouse. She pulled it off...

Designer Jeremy Scott is also channelling his inner minnie threw his mickey/minnie inspired ensemble worn by Rihanna on the set of her latest music video "Hard". She wore everything from her helmet, bullet bra and super super short cut-off shorts. We all know that Mariel Hann (Rihanna's Fashion Stylist) worked on this shoot a woman of great style so this is a definate co sign.
June Ambrose Stylist Extradinorie!

Chanel Iman graced the pages of Vogue recently with a Minnie Mouse inspired photoshoot. This is one of the best shoots I've seen featuring Chanel thus far.

Gaga joined the Minnie bandwagon when she paraded the streets with the minnie mouse bow as her hair style. We all know that Lady Gaga has no problem in taking risks a definate reminder of the legendary minnie.

Angela Simmons attended a Halloween party this past October with her Minnie-Chic naughty attire. She has everything down. Flattering dress? Check! Minnie's signature bow? Check! Bold Stockings?Check! and her pearls are too adorable.

Do you think that "Minnie-Chic" is the new black? Are you inspired by what you've seen? You to can achieve a similar look with the help of the set posted below....

Minnie Mouse

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People's Choice Awards: Carrie Underwood

While you all are busy watching the People's Choice Awards I'm busy over here researching red carpet dresses. Check out Carrie Underwood in Christian Cota Spring 2010 collection. Its black and white spidery patterned frock with a layer of sheer lace which adds volume...What do you think???

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What's a better way to start off a new and productive year but with a feature on a young and talented Fashion Photographer by the name of Ali Evans. It is not very often that I meet people with a pocket full of aspirations like myself, so you could image how astounding it was to get to know the man behind the lens more professionally. Unlike many rookie's in the industry Ali knows his craft and carries with him a heavy resume and groundbreaking experience in field of fashion photography. Graduated with a degree in Film Production and showered with the L.A. film experience he is ready and willing to conquer the world of art. Here's his one on one!

1.Describe yourself in one sentence.
Driven, innovative and complex, did you say a sentence or adjectives? I like adjectives better :)

2. When did you realise that Fashion Photography was your calling?
During my freshman year in college I worked at the Gap and during that time I was developing an eye for fashion.
One of the members of the visual merchandising team was a photographer, and me I fell in love with the art, and I knew
this is something I wanted to do.

3. What is your inspiration?
I am inspired by everything and anything from films, music and even every day people I meet on the street, but right now
I must be honest when I say Rhianna is one of my current inspirations. I respect the fact that she is staying true to her art and doing
what makes her happy. Her style is dark and edgy and I love that.

4. Name 2 people in the industry you would like to work with and why.
Well Rhianna for one, I'm pretty sure that was obvious and also male model Chad White, he's represented by Major Models
I've seen his work and I just think he brings something fresh and new to the industry.

5. How do you perfect your craft as a photographer?
By not conforming to industry standards, Fashion photography is an art form and you can't put any limitations or restrictions on art.
The funny thing is I actually watch more films than I read fashion magazines. I like to watch films by Italian Horror director Dario
His movies are all about angles and colors.

6. Give us a summary of your work.

I have shot for agencies like Vision and L.A and Boss, as well as MTV personalities. I really enjoyed working with Male Model turned actor Drew Van Acker at the time that I shot him he was represented by Vision L.A.

7. As a fashion photographer you have an exceptional eye for ..................?
black and white photography, I feel that black and white photos are timeless, and always convey a lot of emotion

8. Where do you see your self professionally in the next 5 years?
To be honest I don't know because I have always been involved in different aspects of art, such as acting and even hip-hop dancing
but it will definitely be art related. I'm not your typical blue collar kind of guy

9. How can interested readers get intouch with you?
Well my website should be up shortly, but for the time being feel free to drop me an e-mail, I am always open to feedback and remember "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words".

This is Chic Report's First Interview...Many More to Come! Hope you guys enjoy it! Be inspired! Thoughts? Comment!!!

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Curves Ahead: The Size Issue

She's gorgeous, she's glamorous, she's sexy but the only obstacles in her way of success are the socially-acceptable prejudices that a curvy woman isn't as industrial as a size "barely" 0 model. Even with a toned body, perfect posture, skin, and unique features, it is still so difficult for a plus size/curvy model to find work in this industry. "Who wants to see a fat women on the cover of a magazine" the very words of papa fashion Karl Lagerfield and I totally agree. So now show me the jobs for the ladies above size 2 with flawless bodies, a little meat on their bones and is uber talented ready and willing to rock the spreads and stand on the forefront of our ad campaigns?; Because last I checked "fat" and "curvy" are two different aspects of size. In my opinion size doesn't matter and if the selection of clothing is as versatile as designers claim then fashion can flatter a multiple of figures. So with the recent raves and rants of plus size models do you really think the demand for curvy girls in the industry is improving? Well V magazine is taking a stand and will be featuring plus size models in their latest issue hitting stands later this month. Photographed by Solve Sundsbo, the models Candice Huffine, Marquita Pring, Michelle Olson, Tara Lynn, and Kasia P., Designers Gucci and Guess. An entire issue devoted to curvy women...Now isn't that interesting? Thoughts? Comment!

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