Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Would You Marry An Atheist?

Here's what Kevin and Makael has to say...

I believe that a husband and wife should share the same values, and by marrying an atheist if you believe in God will shatter your morals as a Christian. DONT WANNA GO ON AND ON! watch the video...subcribe to the show, tell me what you think!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Episode of The Hills

I dont get why Brody went out with Lauren, kissed Whitney now hooked up with Audrina. Lo and Steph is next. LOL J/k...
Interesting epsiode, I think Lauren felt something. After all she kissed all 3 guys on the trip. Love the Hills
Ohhh, Before I forget whats up with Spencer pressing that dude about being a virgin. He's such a douche. I swear he looks like a wild cat!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Skorpion Has Spoken

Hey Guys, thought this video might be of interest to you.

Perez acts like he's a damn King! I refuse to read anything on this filthy website.
So Yes Perez, Bye Girl Fly Girl!!!

If u have any comments please do so and subscribe to the show.

Have a Happy Monday...

The Game : The Third Legacy

You're here to kill me arent you...LOL Cant wait to see the episode where Derwin asked melanie to marry him. Oh and Tasha made an appearance. LOL Love her!

Punk Ass Chauncey
Lazy Ass Chauncey
Naive Ass Chauncey

OMG lol I feel bad for Chauncey

New Hair Do's

I love the look on Solange, I think its so different and with her sense of style, she will rock it!

Kim, I loved the black hair on you. With the blonde it makes you look like a Beyonce wanna be. Like for real.

i think this look works for Dawn...The layered extensions were becoming too over rated.


Yes people... We did it! We made Obsessed number one in the box office this weekend. I loved the movie...not only because I am a die hard Beyonce supporter but Beyonce took on a new role. It was so different from dream girls and Cadillac records. Although I loved those movies, I really think Papa Knowles should have Beyonce take up more serious Hollywood roles. I do think she has the potential to be the next Angelina Jolie. Love her...if you haven't seen Obsessed then march to a theatre near you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Effects of X Box On The Younger Generation

They say video games can induce a positive mode and enhance creativity, but heres what happens when our youth take x boxing way too seriously. She's usually cool, calm and collective but she's a beast at x boxing!!!!

At Kev's house at 3:22 am sipping on smirnoff and lemonade.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Skorpion Show

Hey Guys, So Im not the only one obsessed with Beyonce and its official LOL. Love kevin and Makael. Makael is especially hilarious whereas Kevin speaks his mind. I have been a subscriber of this show for a while now and you know why I love it??? Because there are people who feel the same way that I do. They love being heard and so do I. True Destiny's Child supporters I might add!!! So lets help them get the number of subscribers they're seeking. If you're on this site now then take two seconds to hit the yellow button and subscribe to the show. If Michelle Williams can, then why shouldnt you. They speak on so many topics its almost addicting.

Also follow them on twitter

When you're done then follow me

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie Reviews

So at first I was a bit skeptical about this movie. I really didnt want to spend money watching a classical disney teen movie so last night I took the risk and I went to see 17 AGAIN. Let me tell you guys I enjoyed the movie. Zac Efron looked soooo sexy like that's the first time I've noticed this. Throughout the movie he was nicely groomed and he can act...hands down.

This movie was a master piece. I'd never expect there to be such a diverse audience for Hannah Montana the movie. Dont judge a book by its cover Miley impressed me. Tyra Banks and Taylor Swift had a cameo and Vanessa Williams was one of the leading casts members. I think people are turned off by the title. Its a great movie and everyone should check it out.

Love this song in the movie. The Ho Down Throwdown

Cant wait to see this...Are u obsessed????

Monday, April 20, 2009

Throw Back

I'm laying out today and this song came to my mind...I know So Random! So here's a little video throwback for all you cheaters out there Ooops LOL I meant to say MR Biggs Fans lol enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rev Run's Words Of Wisdom

Good morning. We must put an exclamation point in our thinking! Be definite in your direction.. Get up! (While making Run Dmc records I never needed an alarm clock- Rev Run) God is Love -Rev Run

New Episode of The Game

I hope this baby isnt Derwins urrghh!
Enjoy it!

Day 26 Forever In A Day

Bad Boys's Day 26 Released their sophmore album yesterday Forever In A Day. After all the BitchassNess! I'm anxious to hear the album.

First single/video from the Album. Ima Put In On Her Featuring Diddy and Young Joc. I really like this song guys...but I have to say that there is soo much going on. Diddy should of stayed off this track. Otherwise its a really good single and a fresh start for Day 26.

Day 26 at their album Release Party at EdHardy.

Signing at Best Buy

Let Me Know If U've Heard The Album...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rev Run's Words Of Wisdom

Good morning! You will always gravitate towards your secret desires. God doesn't answer your worded prayer as much as he answers your innermost thoughts. The Bible says the secret to prayer is to believe that you will receive what you want. Here's the problem: Most people pray for one thing and expect another. Remember that when you pray you don't get what you pray for, YOU get what you expect! (Mans ambition is his true prayer). He who worketh with a slack hand tendeth to poverty,. But the diligent shall be made rich.. Happy, Fortunate.... (Proverbs)

Hey Guys... Everyone knows that RevRun speaks some inspiring words of wisdom at the end of his show Runs House. I never knew that Rev blogged everyday on Global Grind until I went to the site. So Im making it a daily routin to post his quotes here. I hope you guys are inspired as much as I am.

My favorite one is this ...

Good morning. If you want to avoid criticism... Do nothing... Say nothing... BE NOTHING... God is Love -Rev Run

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Bunnies

Tradition has it that Easter Holiday entails colorful eggs and bunnies but while we stick to tradition let us also take this day to Give Christ the Thanks and Praise he deserves. He died to save us from sin and resurrected from the dead on this day! Lets Glorify his name for our God is an Awesome God!

He is Risen! He is Risen!!! And he Reigns...Forever More! Let us Celebrate, the resurrection of our Lord.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

WTF Was She Thinking???

Britney Spears done did it again! This time she inspired Bad Boys very best Cassie Ventura on this beauty trend called " shave your hair off". Like honestly, I know its okay to take risks but WTF? U say Risk...I say Attention! Official Baldy...LOL

Go on with ur bad self Baldy!

N.B for those who keep asking did she really???...Yes she did! I thought the same thing when i visited Then I went over to twitter and saw Diddy and Dawn Richards (Danity Kane) twittered about it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Game Fever!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOO

So there are sooo many rumors going around that the game has been cancelled. Its all over the place INCLUDING FACEBOOK! I thought this rumor was true until this...

So pass this on people. The Game is a really good show and we need ur support. I say we because I'm a Gamaholic!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Top Shop New York

Did anyone say Spring Shopping??? Absolutely...Top Shop opened up a New York Store this week on Broome and Broadway. I'm sure fashionistas are doing their happy dance in stilettos. Havent been down there but I'm set to go Spring Shopping soon. Celebs like JHud and JLo made an appearance for the opening night...Enjoy the pics.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nomadic Ri Ri

Rihanna was spotted in Hawaii this week with her bestfriend / personal assistant Melissa. The R and B Pop Star was said to be recording in a private studio in Hawaii. The following day Princess RiRi was spotted in New York City again with her best friend. Now photogs caught her jet setting to Barbados...LOL Ri Ri whats your deal? She's rocking the Mawhawk!!! Awww she looks puuurtttyyy! Love the look! Im sure the fashionistas at will find it. When they do I will post it!

Destiny's Child Reuniting?

According to Destiny's Child is set to reunite in 2011. The dynamic trio owes Columbia one last record. Im happy happy happy as can be. Wonder what they will name the album...Destiny Reunion? What do you think? Cant wait!

Runway "It Girl" Chanel Iman

Runway "It Girl" Chanel Iman is currently one of my favorite models in the industry. She recently posed on the cover of ID Magazine and is working her way up filling the huge steps of Tyra Banks and Niomi Campbell.

Chanel has walked the runways of several world renowned designers including guru Marc Jacobs. Whats next for this 18 year old super model and upcoming star? Well Chanel is currently one of the faces for Donna Karan New York. She's kicking off her television career by guest starring in the CW hit series Gossip Girl and Co Hosts MTV's New House of Style...

Pic Source:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

If you havent subscribed to this show then you're a slacker!!!

See Guys? In my last post I addressed the Kelly Rowland issue and her last album Thank God Im not the only one feeling that way...Here's what scorpion has to say...

Ok so now that you've heard his views on Kelly Rowland you need to go to youtube and subcribe to his show. He co hosts with Makael (Love him...Y???Because he's obsessed with beyonce just like me :) Kudos man)they speak on current issues. MICHELLE WILLIAMS called the just shows that she's an avid follower so why cant you??? Trust me you will enjoy...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whats The Real Deal With Kelly Rowland?

First I heard Kelly fired her long time manager Matthew Knowles now word on the street is Columbia Records allegedly dropped Kelly from the label. Tell me this, Destiny's Child started with Papa Knowles as their manager, the girls splitted once, they did their solo albums and reunited for Destiny Fulfilled. Now tell me this Beyonce is one of the worlds biggest stars like she said in Diva (I am...Disc 1) She's been the number one Diva in this Game for a minute...She know you read the paper the one they called her Queen...EVERY RADIO ROUND THE WORLD KNOWS ME CUZ THATS WHERE I BE!!! Wait.....Hold up! Hmmm Kelly cant say that now could she? Hmm now tell me this isnt Kelly and B even Solange for heavens sake has the same manager??? So hmmm why the preference? I KNOW first thing someone at his defense would say ...these are his daughters but what about fullfilling his managerial duties? Why cant Kelly get the same promotion as Beyonce and Solange? After all lets pull the blood card for a second wasnt Kelly raised in the Knowles household? Yes! Thank you My point exactly so I don't get why on earth she's not as successful as Beyonce. HOWEVER, she's hosting a new show on Bravo with co host Isaac Mizrahi (i worked his line for fashion week)... Lets just hope that kicks off her career!!!

Source: (promo pic)

New Epsiode Of The Game

If you're following this and have been waiting for this epsiode...My apologies! I thought I posted it! Enjoy

Thank God for Youtube

Michelle Obama has Style!

OK, so tell me why I'm I just falling in love with every outfit Michelle Obama steps out in? I'm constantly finding myself examining every single outfit she wears and she is definitely becoming one of my idols. Stylistically Speaking...She's definitely supporting the fashion industry giving the designers the much needed publicity. Check out her outfits and tell me what you think?

Remember my post on exaggerating your pearls making them Chunky and Chic? Prime Example by our First Lady...Holla :)

Who Wore It Best?

Both Keri Hilson and June Ambrose were spotted wearing similar outfits recently. June Celebrity Style Guru Riped the Runway with a sequined tunic while Keri attended her Atlanta Album Release Party in a similar dress looking Ultra Chic...Who do you think rocked it best??? I personally think that they both did a great job pulling off this look! FYI June is the new twitterholic...

A Journey Worth Fullfilling :)

Hey guys So I know I've been slacking on blogging lately...My bad!!! Its just that the time I usually spend on the Internet I now dedicate it to working out...That's right I'm back on my workout plan and this time its more intense than ever. I hired a personal trainer from the gym that I go to and let me tell you this dude is tough! he worked me out for an hour and I swear I could feel my rib cage falling out. I usually take a cardio class, the treadmill and the bike or elliptical but I had an intense session today and I look forward to this for the next few months. First I was nervous training with a man but he makes it comfortable for you. I literally had the people at the gym cracking up because of my silliness. He shared some insight on working hard and getting results fast so I thought I'd share that with you.

*He recommend not eating any less than 1,500 calories/day
*eliminate all the excess and empty calories from your daily intake (CHEAT ONCE A WEEK) or else the body will go into a shock.
*Give your body time to recover from intense workouts.
*DONOT! drink diet sodas...Although it carries 0 calories there are artificial sweetners that can trigger a sweeet tooth.
*Drink lots of water