Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movie Reviews

So at first I was a bit skeptical about this movie. I really didnt want to spend money watching a classical disney teen movie so last night I took the risk and I went to see 17 AGAIN. Let me tell you guys I enjoyed the movie. Zac Efron looked soooo sexy like that's the first time I've noticed this. Throughout the movie he was nicely groomed and he can act...hands down.

This movie was a master piece. I'd never expect there to be such a diverse audience for Hannah Montana the movie. Dont judge a book by its cover Miley impressed me. Tyra Banks and Taylor Swift had a cameo and Vanessa Williams was one of the leading casts members. I think people are turned off by the title. Its a great movie and everyone should check it out.

Love this song in the movie. The Ho Down Throwdown

Cant wait to see this...Are u obsessed????

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I'm a check all of this on Bootleg