Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Presents

Christmas isnt Merry without a tree and presents...

My Daisy Perfume set by Marc Jacobs. I adore Marc Jabobs products and clothing.

My Ipod Touch...So I went from an ipod shuffle, to a nano, to a touch...wonder whats next? Thanks Moma!

So maybe I was a little disappointed because I thought I'd get a Macbook, but the truth is I'm not comfortable with a Macbook as yet. So I got the HP Pavilion.

My sexy outfit...for my future internship (or any formal function) LOL

Effortless Style by June Ambrose

Amy Winehouse In St Lucia

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Wyclef Jean, Fantasia, Ciara, John Legend, Ashanti,Serena Williams, Keyshia Cole, Whitney Houston even Bill Clinton have all graced the shores of this beautiful island in the homeland St Lucia.

Whether they take the entertainment stage by storm or relaxing on our beautiful coastal white sandy beaches, they all leave a positive and prestigious mark on the island. Well that shouldnt be a surprise after all St Lucia has ranked on the top list of the Most Visited places in the world. After all,the fresh breeze, clear blue
water [CLEAN WATER],our festivals,the food and the warm hearted local people makes the island a must visit.

Recently we have added a new visitor to our list none other than Amy Winehouse. SHE LEFT HER MARK ALRIGHT! That I dont know how positive it may be...Dangling her titties I mean after all she's bringing the much needed international publicity! So Amy do you! LOL


Minx Nails

I have a really bad habit of bitting my nails off and I refuse to let them grow. I bit my nails all the time when I'm hungry, when I'm bored or sometimes when Im a nervous wretch. Its rare that I get my nails done (the last time was for my vacation in April). Now I dare to change this bad habit. In the year 2008 we spotted alot of beauty trends including Minx nails and now this is a demand in beauty salons. I've seen the best and the worst. Celebs like Beyonce, Solange,Rihanna Mariah Carey and Eve have rocked their minx nails from red carpets to photoshoots. Other like Angela Simmons and Tatyana Ali has definately added the edge to this beauty trend. Take a look at whose wearing minx...

Dope Nail Art

A Series of Questions

What profits you when you're so damn bitter, roaring againts the world in a tigerly fashion?
I wanna know what goes through your mind when you murmur mean despicable things?
I also wanna know how do you feel totally excluded from hearts where you were once drenched thankfully?
Why are you such a miserable sole?
Or is this a case of wretched inadquate bi polar?
I wanna know why you once welcomed me? but now you look at me in terrible disgrace?
I wanna know do you ever think of who I'd become someday?
Would my heart be torn so recklessly, not giving you a hand when you finally need one?
Do you feel the lashes of my tongue when uttering how much of a miserable sole you are?
Very soon I will be vanished from your vacinity...will you keep up the evil traits or will you sleep peacefully?
Do you care if I even share a tear when you're finally gone?
I'm I robbing you of a heart you once had but by the sudden leak of your true character it was too late to turn back?
Are you deeply and truely mad at me?
Will you ever forgive me for something I've never done to you?
or will you hold it nothing againts me continually despising my success and progress?...........This is my series of questions to you the oppressor!


Emotions bruised by hands so violently hasted,
Etched wounds on a fragile desperate heart,
The Inscription “never to love again”
Bleeding anguish
Tearing disgrace
A marked tissue damage once where
Lust, agony, naiveté and sorrow were all intertwined.
Now she’s scarred for life from the love before
Never will the healing sunlight shine upon her face
Never will she know that some share an ounce of goodness
Hallucinating… reckless hands all over pure beauty
Untouched, unknowest, unwounded
Now she’s scarred
She’s injured and bruised
The scars symbolizes the reality of life
How she tore her heart open
Now she’s weak, unhealed and be continued

I wrote this poem this morning in less than 5 minutes. The effects of boredom>

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chasing Harry Winston...

Chic Book Review:

After months of being showered with dusk bunnies, I finally read this amasing
novel from the author of the Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger's .

*Its similar to Sex and the City but there's a different storyline*
The plot is in New York City where three lovely young ladies Leigh, Emmy and Adriana (approaching thirty), earned successful careers but their major factor is finding the man of their dreams.

Leigh an editor at a publishing company fell in love with a famous author and out of love with her boyfriend whose a handsome,successful sports commentator.

Adrina is a grogeous Brazilian beauty who grabs hold of her editorial career at Marie Claire Magazine almost to the end of the novel. Most days she wouldnt spend her time with her gay hairstylist. He brought her to the set of Angelina Jolie's movie. Thats where she found the love of her life, hollywood producer Tobby.

Emmy another protagonist got her heart broken when her boyfriend broke up with her for a 23 year old virgin cheerleader. She immediatley took the job of a lifetime where she travels all around the world opening restaurants and ofcourse meeting new men.

This book is so amazing, its filled with thematic issue such as success/career, sex,love, friendship and happiness.
The title "Chasing Harry Winston" carries a great deal of symbolic weight.

Book I'm currently reading: Effortless Style by Fashionista Extraordinaire June Ambrose.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hills Finale Live In NYC...

We've finally come to the end of The Hills Season...
This season there was more DRAMA, TEARS and EXCITMENT!
Take a Look at their pics for the Live Finale Aftershow :)

I Luv Lauren and I admirer her style.
So okay, she went out with Steven and Doug
this season but by the end of the show she was
supposedly "single" (well atleast on the show)
but she's a really smart girl with cool friends
and amazing hook ups, she could find the guy of
her dreams with both eyes closed.


She's not my favorite person on reality TV
but she's gorgeous and that dress!!! Luv it...
Accusing your best friend which you shared an
apartment and a house with for hooking up with
your boyfriend wasnt the best thing to do Audrina.
I just think she tries to play "miss goodie two shoes".


Her look has come a veryyy long way on the show.
She's like another dumb blonde on reality T.V.
Think she should do wayyyy better than obnoxious Spencer.
WAY TO GO GIRLS! cheers to Heidi and Lauren for being
Friends again.


Get a room for heavens sake!

"The Elopement"...Thank God this wedding wasnt made legal. I think she needs a reality slap to wake up and smell the coffee. Spencer has totally secluded her from the rest of the world. Driving her friends and family away. If you luv her so much then why would you want to marry her on a trip to Mexico while she's intoxicated? I guess Spencer will always get his way with a shot of patron. Thank God for Stephanie who spoke him out of it.


Lo has really grown on me. At first I thought she was a B**** by the way she treated Audrina. But I watched she and Audrina grow closer and she always had Laurens back. She's cool...

Steph and Holly

The sisters of Speidi. LOL Steph Doug wasnt a good move tho! But I luved you throughout the show.


From the hills to The City this girl has taken the fashion industry by storm.Congrats on your job with Dian Von Furstenberg.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas...

I wanna wish you guys a very Merry Christmas
Hope you've have been good this year so santa
can bring you all the goodies you've longed for on his slay...LOL

This puzzles me....
Who really believes in Santa Claus???
I remembered when I was younger
Christmas day was a day filled with
christmas carols, and gifts/toys, food,
decorated trees and even houses.
By "decorated" I'm talking about actual decorations
not just the frivilous lighting bulbs.

I used to go to bed with the thought that
Santa would come even quicker if I went to bed early...
Now, kids as small as they are would think that
the Santa stories are nothing but sillyness and fiction!

It also puzzles me how much people complain
about not feeling the spirit of christmas.
For the past few years I have adopted that
exact attitude, but it wasnt until this week
I realised that the spirit of Christmas cant
come to need to welcome it.
By this I mean tune ourselves in the
mood of the season.

During this week I was struggling trying
to make my way through Slush and rain
when the thought of Christmas being just 2 days
away flashed in mind. I suddenly reached for
my ipod, scrolled through my playlists
and turned on Mariah Carey's
All I want for Christmas...
Im telling you this because within a blink of an
eye, all these child hood memories of Santa,
the laughter and the Christmas Joy were coming
back to me.
I could feel the Christmas spirit moving through
my blood streams.

If your Christmas tradition is all about
caroling, then why not turn up your stereo
with the hottest Christmas tracks?
If its all about gift giving, then why not
shower someone or be showered with gifts...
And if its about the cooking, then fall in
love with your kitchen, have a feast.

I'm still rude people
have become, they've openly exed out the
C.H.R.I.S.T in the word CHRISTMAS
replacing it with X-MAS! Tell me,
is it "Tradition" fading or have people
forgotten that it is the birth of Jesus

Have a Great Day - But Until Then
welcome the Christmas Season, and stop
waiting for you to be welcomed because
if you do the day Just might pass you bye
within the blink of an eye :)
Merry Christmas

The Much Anticipated....

U guys know that I've been waiting for these videos for a long time.
I like the video but whats up with the black and white?

She made Boy,Single Ladies, Halo and Diva in black and white???
Diva would be much better if it wasnt done in retro! but I Guess she's B so we gotta give her props!


Friday, December 19, 2008

My Sagi Cuzy Wuzy!

My First Birthday Blog Shout Out Ever Goes to My Wonderful cousin Denese.

She's finally 16! AWWWW I remembered when she was months old (too bad my scanner isnt connected I wud scan your baby pics LOL) now she's SUPER SWEET 16 and one of my bestest friends. So Sweetheart May You Enjoy EVERY minute of your day.

May God Bless You that you may see many more years to come.

All I want for Christmas is.......

MARION "Pooch" Hall. Ever wondered why I'm addicted to "The Game"???

Well I must confess that I'm obessed with Derwins Sexy Body.

Ladies isnt he cute, clean and sexy? C'mon Dude has a sense of humor that makes him my kinda guy.

Honestly I think he's soo damn sexy....So thats all I want for Christmas this year. I dont need no presents just wrap him up in a big red bow!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rappers Gone Glam!

What does JayZ, Diddy and Kanye all have in common apart from spitting lyrics and producing resounding acoustic anthems? These gentlemen have definately Gone glam taking the Fashion Industry by storm. With an inspiration and passion for music these singers have successfully merged their way up the career ladder, continously building empirers.

Diddy has his head in the game and knows how to make money MOST DEF! His urban line Sean Johns is becoming increasingly popular among other street attire.

As for Jay ? Expect the unexpected. Although Roca Wear is Rumoured to be sold for $204 million it is still very popular in the urban market.

Kanye's always spotted wearing Louis Vuittion clothing and accessories but we'd never guess he would go as far as INTERNING with LV!!! Man thats Huge! Damn i wish I would have landed that career would be set!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...Diva is a female version of a hustler...

She never stops LOL Sasha Fierce was spotted on the set of her soon to be released video for a smashing single off her album DIVA!!! Cant wait to see this one B...Looks Dynamic!

.....Ok so I thought I would never ever disagree with something Beyonce does. But I must say its Sad but I do. ( WEIRED RIGHT?????)I dont like when she's smoking or adds a cigar as props for her videos. It sends out the wrong message B. But I still Luv Yah!!! LOL Hope she doesnt smoke in real life...not a good look.

New Video...The Game Ft Ne-Yo


(At JFk Airport heading to St Lucia)

If there is one person on earth that can testify on having ups and downs when it comes to family, I think that person will be me. I must say my family members and I have been through it all. All the fighting, cursing, screaming at the end of the day mounts up to one thing and thats Love! We support each other all the way, and we have lots of fun when we finally set our differences aside. Sometimes when I have no where to turn I IM/call/text/meet my loving cousins whether they're older or younger than me they love and support me all the way. We're the only ones allowed to treat each other badly at times. My mom and I may sometimes fight but I cant make a decision without her approval,in my eyes she's always right. My little sister may annoy me sometimes or call me mean but she's make it clear that I'm her big sis and theres no way anyone will disrespect me as long as she's alive.
When I think of them sometimes I stay AWWESTRUCKED! Dont use just this season to love, care and share with your family, do it all year round. Tell them how much you love them and use them as your backbone for support...

Thanksgiving 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

She-blogs PhotoShoot

Ne-Yo - Mad

Britney Spears - Circus

Keri Hilson Ft Lil Wayne

Shontelle - T shirt

Solange Knowles - T.O.N.Y

Estelle ft Sean Paul - Come Over

Simply Chic

Simply Chic by CJay282...

FASHION FORWARD - - - Hey Guys Im finally adding a little bit of Fashion to my Blog. I choose pieces that reflects my everyday style. I love dressing down and I love a simple look. I also Love playing around with fashion!!!

I call this Look Simply Chic. Its very simple doesnt require hard work. The booties and accessories adds edge to this look.

Fashion Ooops??? Or Trendsetter???

Solange may sometimes go over the egde when it comes to red carpets but I admire the fact that she is a risk taker. Her risk taking trends has earned her the respect some entertainers are yearning for ever since they landed their marks in this industry. She's Bold , Beautiful and goes over the top with her fashion senses. Here are a few edgy outfits Sol Angel has rocked! Tell me what you think...