Monday, December 29, 2008


Emotions bruised by hands so violently hasted,
Etched wounds on a fragile desperate heart,
The Inscription “never to love again”
Bleeding anguish
Tearing disgrace
A marked tissue damage once where
Lust, agony, naiveté and sorrow were all intertwined.
Now she’s scarred for life from the love before
Never will the healing sunlight shine upon her face
Never will she know that some share an ounce of goodness
Hallucinating… reckless hands all over pure beauty
Untouched, unknowest, unwounded
Now she’s scarred
She’s injured and bruised
The scars symbolizes the reality of life
How she tore her heart open
Now she’s weak, unhealed and be continued

I wrote this poem this morning in less than 5 minutes. The effects of boredom>

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