Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hills Finale Live In NYC...

We've finally come to the end of The Hills Season...
This season there was more DRAMA, TEARS and EXCITMENT!
Take a Look at their pics for the Live Finale Aftershow :)

I Luv Lauren and I admirer her style.
So okay, she went out with Steven and Doug
this season but by the end of the show she was
supposedly "single" (well atleast on the show)
but she's a really smart girl with cool friends
and amazing hook ups, she could find the guy of
her dreams with both eyes closed.


She's not my favorite person on reality TV
but she's gorgeous and that dress!!! Luv it...
Accusing your best friend which you shared an
apartment and a house with for hooking up with
your boyfriend wasnt the best thing to do Audrina.
I just think she tries to play "miss goodie two shoes".


Her look has come a veryyy long way on the show.
She's like another dumb blonde on reality T.V.
Think she should do wayyyy better than obnoxious Spencer.
WAY TO GO GIRLS! cheers to Heidi and Lauren for being
Friends again.


Get a room for heavens sake!

"The Elopement"...Thank God this wedding wasnt made legal. I think she needs a reality slap to wake up and smell the coffee. Spencer has totally secluded her from the rest of the world. Driving her friends and family away. If you luv her so much then why would you want to marry her on a trip to Mexico while she's intoxicated? I guess Spencer will always get his way with a shot of patron. Thank God for Stephanie who spoke him out of it.


Lo has really grown on me. At first I thought she was a B**** by the way she treated Audrina. But I watched she and Audrina grow closer and she always had Laurens back. She's cool...

Steph and Holly

The sisters of Speidi. LOL Steph Doug wasnt a good move tho! But I luved you throughout the show.


From the hills to The City this girl has taken the fashion industry by storm.Congrats on your job with Dian Von Furstenberg.

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