Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beyonce's I am ... Tour

Beyonce or should I say SASHA FIERCE kicked off her I Am Tour this week in Canada. According to the US tour schedule should be out soon. I WILL BE THERE CANT WAIT

A few clips of her tour performances. Beyonce is a Super entertainer and we all know that for a fact.



Cant wait...Super excited!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some kind of motivation huh???

Wow now tell me its was the same choreographer for all these videos Ciara and I will let you off the hook. At the same time things do happen!!!! let me know what u think because all I can do is say wwwwaaaaaawwwww!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In A Perfect World

Its Finally out! After soo many set dates and push backs. First because of the release of Beyonce's Sasha Fierce then Ciara's Fantasy Ride! I heard a few songs on this album and I really like it so I'm gonna get it!

Source: Concrete Loop

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lauren Conrad Collection Hault

ccording to the New York Post :

LAUREN Conrad's clothing line is on hiatus until further notice. Los Angeles sources say the MTV reality starlet, who's wrapping up her last season on "The Hills," won't be producing any more seasons of her Lauren Conrad Collection, which launched in fall 2007. Some showrooms got a message from her camp saying, "In light of the economic climate, Lauren has decided to completely rethink her line." As a result, shipment of the last spring and summer delivery has been canceled, the memo said. Page Six previously reported that the line wasn't moving in stores like Kitson and Bloomingdale's. "Lauren is going to revamp her line and design with more high-end fabrics . . . things she couldn't do the first time around," a source close to Conrad said. Her rep told us, "With everything going on in the economy and in her life, she wants to rework her line and offerings. She will make announcements soon."

So many nasty reviews and comments about this subject. Lauren Conrad has been the star of two reality shows Laguna Beach and then came the spin off "The Hills". Ever since she has started her own self titled collection you've seen her on almost ever red carpet and industry party there is. Young people all over the globe "like myself" have been tuning in every season to watch Lauren and co live their lives. She started her internship at Teen Vogue where she met Whitney Port star of the Hills spin off "The City". She's one of many with a dream...a dream to build an empire and with the help of the Hills she has done that much. So why are people mad at her...for cancelling her show? who in their right state of mind would want to have camera's following them for their entire life? No one...Although I'm a bit sad that the Hills is going on its final season...I understand where Lauren's coming from, the same way I understand how she used the reality show for a career boost! So what?? Look at Runs Daughter? Daddy's Girls and their pastry line? ok... now what about Tory Burch? Kool...I figured that much so stop pointing fingers....


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take A Bow

Okay so the first part of this epsiode is kind of boring. But you NEED to watch the end...just Hilarious!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who Said Less Is More?

Who ever said less is more has contradicted themselves because lately the new accessory trend is Exaggeration. Stars have worn oversized beaded necklaces and I must admit this trend looks Super Chic. Tell me what you think...

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With Nothing But Your TShirt On

Shontelle...IDK but I see Rihanna...The old Rihanna not the new and improved RiRi. Oh well I love this song...This Bajan beauty is making her mark!

Ming and Aoki Lee

They're tooo cute...Ming and Aoki Lee daughters of Rusell and Kimora Lee Simmons.Baby Phat Ad Campaign...

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reggie Bush

Dude is fineee! He recently posed with girlfriend Kim Kardasian in GQ Magazine. Finally something to spice up the pages! lol Im gonna post them but for now...he's Kim!

Donna Karan Meets Teen Vogue

Have you seen the new issue of Teen Vogue covered by Emma Roberts? Well Im currently searching the DKNY website and found this dress...Thought it would be interesting to post here...

Enjoy :)

Celebs Out and About

Beyonce leaving the Patricia fields store in NYC...

Miss Keri baby...@ the airport.

Miss Bossy Kelis (preggers) and her boo shopping! Cali

Dresses So Cheap Yet So Chic

These are a few cute dresses I saw while browsing and online clothing store. They're so chic yet so cheap. These cocktail dresses costs less than 50 bucks. Stylistically speaking you can do so much with these dresses. Check them out and accessories your life at

Gladiator Sandals

Shopping for summer vacation or spring break as yet? Then dont forget to pack a cute pair of gladitor sandals. They're super trendy and are great additions to your shoes rack. Live the life of a gladitor but do it Chic...

Pump Up The Volume

If someone can buy me these...I'd love them forever...

My Cocktail Ring Obsession

I'm officially addicted to cocktail rings...I buy them all the time...Im in love with them because they never seem to let me down!!! So im trolling through my favortite sites like,,,, and I found a few that I really like...Check them out

I Found Them

Remember These??? I really wanted to know what shoes Rihanna wore for her birthday dinner with Jayz , Brandy and Beyonce in NYC.

I thought of sending it in for the Fashionistas at the Fashion Bomb but they came to my rescue. Rihanna makes every thing super trendy so I give her Kudos on this one...

100th Post... Hoooray

"Got everybody watching what I do...Come Look in my shoes and see the way I'm living if you really want to GOT MY MIND ON MY MONEY and Im not going NOWHERE"...

After hearing it a million work, on the street and on each and every playlist on my ipod. This song is officially my life anthem...

Cant get enough of it. I think I was the first person to download this seriously. Ever since the MTV awards whenever I feel down I just turn it on...

If you havent noticed...this is my 100th post! Hooray, and this is just the first of the hundreds. When I get to my 300th Blog post! Im gonna make it official...
But for now...Enjoy

Season Finale of The City

Remember this Cali girl? The quiet one from the hit reality series TheHills. Well she took the big apple by storm when she landed her dream job with world renowned fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

"The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself" - DVF

Poor Whit,Olivia is such a snake. I can go on and on about this episode. lol How can this be incredibly immature when you asked her what was wrong Olivia? and that's the dumbest excuse I ever heard...honestly "I thought I pulled the look"...She enjoys working in a competitive environment I see. But Whitney handled the situation very well. I would be going home with someones hair in my hand LOL just kidding I'm not a fighter. I think I would have done the same because Im constantly thinking about the aftermath and being professional. Kudos Whitney. Lauren looked pretty as usual. I hope the bosses are watching this and finally give whitney the recognition she deserves.

Until Next Season

For More epsiodes go to

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Crack Is Back and Im Loving My Life

LOL Punk Ass Chauncey! lol

Tasha's So Funny :)

Awww :( For some reason it hurts me when men cry!

She has a mind like me : )

Mya's Gangster! LOL

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ri Ri My Fashion Goddess I saw this on concreteloop and theybf and NOOOOO I'm not blogging about the Chris Brown and Rihanna crisis. Im way over this!!! Im just LOVINGGGGGG her shoes! and the BLAZER! DAMMIT I'm about to post this on so that Claire and Adrianna can find me this! Love the look Rii Rii Cant wait for your comeback.

Until next time...

I had This Story First I Swear!

I went to the news stand in Penn Station yesterday just to see whats new. To my suprise....First Glance inside my magazine world was B on the cover of Vogue. I got soo excited I ran to the fashion isle whispering Vogue Vogue Vogue while my eyes grilled the pages of each and every magazine. I couldnt find my Beyonce Vogue. There were a few issues in the glass case way up and I couldnt reach, so I asked the man " where are you new Vogues on the shelf" and he replied to me in this strange accent " They're not out as yet, Sunday!" I got soo mad because that would have been my train snack instead of a pack of twislers. :( Came home hoping to post about my Beyonce Vogue experience....Couldnt find the picture online! how disappointing. I swear I had this way before concreteloop and LOL

Im so silly ...
Cant wait to read this issue
Vogue! here I come

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Believe That The World Should Revolve Around Me

So lately Ive been posting songs Im feeling and the list just goes on and on. Old ones and even new ones. So at this current moment I believe that the world should revolve around me. I dont have a big ego but I have soo many things going on with no time at all and soo many obstacles and hurdles to jump. So if right this current moment I can have the world revolve around me, that would be Great! enjoy the song!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Music Videos

I'm Feeling this song...Ever Damn lyric! U go Letoya...She kinda sounds like Solange at the begining of the song. But this former Destiny's Child member is still striving to reach her destiny.
Oh Check out the shoes...Christian Louboutins Ya'll!

I love her style...No like seriously despite of what went on with her Turning me On Remix C'mon I still love her and adore her style. Cant wait for the album. This one's hot Keri...
OMG its Kanye!!! where's Amber Rose to see this LOL

Monday, March 9, 2009

Im Your's by Jason Mraz

I heard this song a while ago, But ever since its playing at work like everyday I find myself singing it so I decided to post it here for you guys to sing along with me. I tried to find an official video but couldnt find one.

Keeping you Posted

Solo and B graced the covers of a Japanese Mag.


Thursday, March 5, 2009


This isnt a joke. Those guys who think they can beat on a woman and be free this is just an example. He's so brezzy he has two lawyers. Wonder where Ms. Fenty's hiding.

Damn She's Cold

Keri :( It's Sad to say That Im Kinda Disappointed :( Really. She kinda disses Beyonce and Ciara here. Lets see how much this is gonna escalate! Im really depressed LOL I really am. May sound silly but these are my girls.


I shot the sheriff, but wait till i shoot these b*thces……down
now i ain’t tryin to start no mess it just something of my chest…..that i need to get off
cause you turnin me off
ya vision cloudy if you think you the best
you can dance, she can sing but need to move it TO THE LEFT
you need to go have some babies, she needs to sit down she fadin

those other b*tches ain’t even worth my time to talk about
been had dollas boy, go get ya money up
know you ain’t the only homie homie lined up
i ain’t turnin it off, im still turning it on
go head and tell these folks how long i’ve been writing your song
i been putting you on
just check the credits ho
and if you want me you can find me in decatur ho


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Do We Love Love When Love Seems To Hate US?

Hey Guys...So Im one of the last people to write a post on relationships. But it kills me when people are soo blind and cant see the filth in their relationships. This post is not designed to point fingers at anyone but to understand why females let men treat them like dirt for the sake of a "relationship". Especially beautiful educated young women. Scared of a broken heart? SNAP OUT OF IT! We've all been there,broken hearts dont kill. WHAT DONT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!!! We must learn to take control of our lives and dont let life take control of us. Where's the pride? where's the dignity? Those characteristics that come with woman-hood. Wisdom to know that you deserve better and the strength to move on and be productive with our lives. Lets be examples and role models, lets target infedelity, domestic voilence, STD's and teenage pregnancy. Stop living for today and lets think of tomorrow. Make use of your female intuition and stop taking their actions for granted. ummm wondering what do I mean right? Well the I love you's and the baby I wanna be with you and no one else!!!

In the words of Ciara " if that boy dont love you by now...he will never ever love you"...once a cheat always a cheat. Relationships dont last forever so lets live for the betterment of ourselves. Fellas, dont think Im letting you go so easy...What do you gain from the Lieing????The Cheating???? And the mental and Verbal Abuse???? Nothing but an express pass to hell...I'm soo serious right now, some guys take advantage of a womans ignorance, they play with their heads like a game of chess....just....heartless!

I was raised in a home with my loving grandmother...This lady is the epitome of a phenomenal woman with knowledge. She taught me never to let a man take advantage of me...sat me down and gave me examples, told me to stand up for myself. She told me BE HAPPY! and that Im the only one that could bring me happyness! If I'm not happy and comfortable with someone then LEAVE! Its natural to be sad but be proud of your decision. Ladies...Im just a medium, take hid from this lady! She has such an experience! Although she had 8 kids and years of marriage she wasnt scared to up and there isnt any excuses for us!

I should be an activist right?
No! because I will slap some stupidity out some Stupid Girls...

Until Next time...Deuces

(This is one of my angry Im gonna post something uplifting next time LOL)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Week Collections Fall 2009


Sergio Davila

Baby Phat/KLS

Issac Mizrahi

Oscar De La Renta

Im reading through and wwd where I found most of the collections. Check them out. These are models I dressed and out their looks together from head to toe.

Chrihanna...LOL Back Together

Eve said ..."Love is Blind, and it will take over your mind what u think is love is truely not you need to elevate and find"...Guess Rihanna didnt take hid, she's back with breezy ya'll LOL. I cant be mad at her because society is all based on following your heart but I think they're gonna loose their fan base because of this. She should be a role model for young people suffering from domestic voilence. But hey, Rihanna has Chris under her Umbrella ella ella a a a LOL
According to concrete loop the two are down in Miami at one of Diddy's houses.