Friday, March 13, 2009

I had This Story First I Swear!

I went to the news stand in Penn Station yesterday just to see whats new. To my suprise....First Glance inside my magazine world was B on the cover of Vogue. I got soo excited I ran to the fashion isle whispering Vogue Vogue Vogue while my eyes grilled the pages of each and every magazine. I couldnt find my Beyonce Vogue. There were a few issues in the glass case way up and I couldnt reach, so I asked the man " where are you new Vogues on the shelf" and he replied to me in this strange accent " They're not out as yet, Sunday!" I got soo mad because that would have been my train snack instead of a pack of twislers. :( Came home hoping to post about my Beyonce Vogue experience....Couldnt find the picture online! how disappointing. I swear I had this way before concreteloop and LOL

Im so silly ...
Cant wait to read this issue
Vogue! here I come

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