Monday, March 29, 2010

Rihanna in Christian Dior

Ahhhh Rihanna, we just cannot get enough of you, well... your sense of style and continually pushing the fashion envelope. Rihanna walked the red carpet as well as performed at the Kid's Choice Awards this weekend and as usual she looks effortlessly stunning in a Christian Dior dress straight off the Spring 2010 runway. Trust Riri to add extra edge and fabulousity to her ensembles. Ri and her styling team adding more padding to the shoulders to create that exaggerated shoulder statement. Love it!

Pay extra attention to the lucid shimmery socks and nude pumps.
Rihanna is revamping the 80's!!!

Christian Dior Spring 2010

Are you feeling this Dior dress? I am...expecially on Rihanna!

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Happy Monday readers! If you don't know me by now I love finding stuff from the red carpet and comparing them to when they first debuted down the runway... So this past weekend the Kid's Choice Awards went down in Los Angeles and all of the star studded family's walked the red carpet. KeKe Palmer is one of my favorite child stars, her energy and drive is beyond this world and whoever picks out her wardrobe choices definitely make sure that they portray that in her ensemble. Below KeKe P is wearing a multicolored beaded frock from ADAM's Spring 2009 collection. With her jolly personality this looks is perfect for her! Way to go KeKe...

What do you think of this fun frock by Adam?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look Of The Day: Sarah Jessica Parker

Marchesa's designs are officially red carpet friendly. While the girl's from Sex and The City make their rounds promoting the highly anticipated movie set to hit theatres in May, The Chic Report's new favorite designer (in the gown department that is) kept Sarah Jessica Parker looking gorgeous in a flirty black cocktail from the Fall 2010 collection. This look gets her "Look Of The Day"...

Sarah Jessica Parker in Marchesa.
Marchesa Fall 2010 Presentation

It was an honor to be part of the Marchesa team for Fashion Week, I truly love her designs and definately look forward to many more seasons. What do you think about SJP's look? Let me know...COMMENT and FOLLOW.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Trend Alert: Sailor Stripes

Spring is finally here... HALLELJAH! Its getting warm outside so you know what that means; an opportunity to be stylish with a lighter more workable wardrobe. I've decided to track our favorite trends from the Spring 2010 runways, dissect them to the core to bring you The Chic Report's list of "SPRING MUST HAVES" sauteed with a twist of elegance and affordability. In my next few posts you will find incite on fresh ways to work your wardrobe incorporating the trends from high end designers for the fashionista-on-a-budget. Some looks might be of benefit from having a fresh dated stamp on them (e.g "embellished/statement shoulders") but not this trend which is number one on our must have list. Remember the "fashion rule" that stripes make you look bigger? Someone once told me that rules were meant to be broken, so in this new fashion era we're throwing all rules out the window and taking risks with our choices. Although Sailor Stripes might receive less recognition because of it simplicity its proven versatility wins over everything. This nautical trend is spotted on the racks, shelves and show windows of every store I've visited this past week. Urban Outfitters, TopShop, New York and Company, H and M and even Forever 21 have joined the sailor stripe band wagon for Spring/Summer 2010. The sailor inspired collection brings classical pieces back to earth and its best to pair them with easy, all American basics. Guess whose wearing stripes?

The City's/Elle Magazine's Oliver Palermo in Club Monaco Tee.

In a flirty red and white striped dress. Black bow, silver jewelry, black booties and clutch adds edge to such a simple staple.

Alexa Chung paired her blue and white striped tee top with navy blue jumper shorts. Simple but this is a great look.
Need inspiration? I've created two sets with nautical/ sailor stripes inspired pieces...


Let me know what you think about this trend...Comment below! and follow!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look Of The Day: Fabolous

Hi Readers, Happy St Patricks Day! Its that time again, so I'm here to post my favorite celeb "Look Of The Day". It was really difficult this time around so I decided to think outside of the box for a bit. I've never featured a male celebrity for my "Look Of The Day" post so I thought that Fab would be the best fit since hisnew photoshoot with Signature Magazine. There were two looks which I spotted on but this one won me over. I just felt the whole "hip-hop" look was too i come from the hood and now i have new clothes  overrated until I skipped under the cut and saw this pic. Love it! I appreciate a rapper or any hip hop artist who is clean, well groomed and still execute their art without fullfilling the sterotypes. Fab is wearing a vertical strip button down under a colared blazer, that paired with black slacks and a neat pair of tux topped with a clear framed pair of shades to add elegence.
What do you think about this "Look of The Day"....??? Comment below

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letter From The Editor??? <---- Cute Title!

Hey Readers!
Just a quick note...First off quick apology for the delay in posts!!! Good news always makes me happy so I'm sure it will have the same effect on you. The blog is definately growing in numbers and readers right before my eyes...I've taken then next step and I'm extremely happy to announce that in a few hours the new official domain will be in effect. I'm trying to boost the image of the blog so this is step ONE! Thank You to everyone who keeps coming back to show your support. Be excited because I will be posting daily... As far as the scheduling thats TBA but I just want to say Thank You for now and that you should keep coming back for fun. The OFFICIAL website (new layout and banner) is coming shortly after.

Thanks Everyone for your ongoing support of The Chic Report!
I'm also open for constructive critisim so you guys can always request content and leave me feedback!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Couture Entertainment

Entertainers are definately letting their haute creative juice flow with their recent couture inspired themes for their shoots. Like seriously, I dont think I can ever shun metalics, lace flourishes, crystals, sequins, chains or satins because they definately make me happy. Its a great thing when the entertainment industry embrace fashion and comprehend its art. Not only does it boost their image but the smallest uncountable things like album sales and appearances. Who ever said you cant judge a book by its cover is in hiding! With that being said look out for "Telephone" divas Gaga and Beyonce while they're leave their hearts and their heads on the dance floor. The newest Barbie off the shelf Nicki Minaj on the cover of Right On! (styling by Fatima B) and Kelis while she recalaims her crown from Rihanna...(lol...)

Entertainment: Tierra Marie "Sponsor"

A few weeks ago over on twitter Tierra Marie and Vanessa Simmons were tweeting from the set of her new video "Sponsor". I heard the song before and thought it was really cute, after a few tweet pics I couldnt wait to see the final product. I've always been rooting for Tierra ever since her debut in 2005? With "Make her feel good". So I'm glad she finally got back on track and stays on track this time around. I really like the video, and I'm happy that Vanessa Simmons made a cameo.

What do you think?

Monday, March 8, 2010


(Wide Gold Cuff with Leaf Imprints)

One doesn't expect too much from a young entrepreneur who has a pocket full of aspirations, determination and drive but jewelry designer Sue Tsai is about to give us a definite reality check. I'm always inspired by any woman who can sing every word of " Independent Woman" like it was a personal letter from them to Destiny's Child. I embrace everything in the name of talent and enthusiasm this is why its a pleasure to feature Jewelry Designer Sue Tsai on The Chic Report. Not only does MTV reality stars and footwear designers Vanessa and Angela Simmons love wearing her jewelry (check TEENVOGUE March 2010 issue "Style Blogger"pg 80), she's sponsors events (including Vanessa Simmons birthday party) and has been selected to participate in the Emmy gift bagging suite. Congrats! Tsai has combined her love for fashion and a handfull of tremendous talent to create an exceedingly fabulous line and will soon release an exclusive high end collection "Signature" by Sue Tsai. Her jewelry line offers pieces in a wide selection of flirty accessories everything from bands, bows, beads and crystals adds edge and exudes girlish elegance. As determined and talented as she is, Sue Tsai will undoubtedly continue flourishing in her spotlight not only as a designer but as inspiration for the up and coming young professionals. Read her interview with The Chic Report below...

These are the black bands in which first started Sue Tsai Designs and became widely popular. They come in almost every color and combination and people mix and match them to create a set of bangles. They are 14k gold filled with swarovski crystal, gold beads & charms, and have a rubber tubing over memory wire. They are flexible.

Vanessa Simmons wearing her own mixed match set of Black Bands out in LA.

This is a set called Bamboo Vermeil Bangles.

These are large crystal beaded bracelets that tie together with an oversized bow that come in 3 different color combinations.

One of a kind Rose Ring, hand-made, 14k gold and swarovski crystal with a coral cut rose

The Chic Report: Who is Sue Tsai?

The world will soon find out :)

The Chic Report: What inspired you to start your own business?
Sue Tsai: From a young age I've always been exposed to art as both of my parents are designers. Designing is something that I want to do for the rest of my life and in order to do that I have to make money doing it. I love fashion and I've always made jewelry and clothes for myself. I took the next step and want to share that with everyone else. That's why I started my line.

The Chic Report: You've worked with designers/reality stars Vanessa and Angela
Simmons, are there any other celebrities that you would like to wear
your pieces?

Sue Tsai: I really love Rihanna and Keri Hilson's style. Look out for them to be wearing the pieces soon. But I dont want only celebrities to wear my pieces, its for everybody. I wish everyone could be my personal accessory barbie and I could just decorate them from head to arm in my stuff! haha

The Chic Reporter: Did you face any hurdles while building your brand and how were you able to overcome them?

Sue Tsai: As with accomplishing anything in life, there are going to be hurdles. I feel like you don't deserve your accomplishments unless you worked hard to get there and your perseverance has been tested. Honestly, most of my hurdles have been more mental than physical. All of the finance, labor, and time hurdles I've faced are nothing to me, they're just a part of the plan. As much as I hate to say it, the worst is dealing with haters; people who cant stand to see someone else on their way to success and constantly try to bring them down. But you know what, they're not really hurdles, more like stepping stones. Gotta step on them to climb to the top. Ha

The Chic Report: True...So tell us how do you perfect your craft as a designer? For instance, did you go to school for accessory design?

Sue Tsai: I actually went to school for marketing not design. A lot of my technical skills I've picked up from my parents. I believe that design and creativity is not something that can be taught, only technicalities. I decided to study marketing because I believed that was going to be the most applicable major for my business. I had no problems designing and making the jewelry, I just had to learn how to sell it.

The Chic Report: Just by reading your tweets I see that you travel alot, what does
your working day / week look like?

Sue Tsai: I'm usually away on the weekends for trade shows. In the past 3 months I've done shows in LA, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, Sarasota, and Philadelphia. During the week I'm in the studio making new pieces or in the office shipping out orders. I think I spend more time in the air than on the ground though. You wouldn't believe my frequent flyer mileage.

The Chic Report: Without giving away too much, what other projects are you currently working on?
Sue Tsai: I just recently finished designing a jewelry line for a popular clothing line. I can't tell you which one until it comes out, so I guess you're going to have to wait and see. Rite now, I'm working on my new high end line. These pieces are all one of a kind and less commercial. I've always been making them for individual custom orders but I want to be able to sell them while keeping them exclusive. I'm really excited about this line, its called Signature by Sue Tsai and the only person who's seen the pieces are my mom haha. I'm having the launch event early May, so be on the look out.

The Chic Report: Where do you see your business Sue Tsai Designs in the next 5 years?
Sue Tsai: I'm going to take over the world. (evil laugh)

The Chic Report: Lol, So where can interested readers find out more about your business Sue Tsai Designs?
Sue Tsai: They can check out my website or read more about me at I tweet a lot so if they want to get to know me on a more personal basis they can follow me on twitter at @SueTsai (parental discretion advised ha)

The ChicReport: Congrats with the success of your line and keep up the great work.
Sue Tsai: Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Hope both of us can continue to work together on our journey to the top.

Definately... Thank You for your time!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did...dont forget to comment!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars 2010 Best Red Carpet: Zoe Kravitz, Queen Latifah, Anika Noni Rose

Although they werent nominee's of this years Academy Awards these three stunners were amongst the glamourous nominees, presenters and supporters of this night's gathering. I'm yet to find out the designers and get runway pics of these three grorgeous dresses but my red acrpet segment cannot go by unnoticed without recognising three glammed divas that I look up to in hollywood. Zoe's style and so charming, Queen Latifah's drive and her verstility is almost ridiculous how she can look like a tom boy one day and transform into this hollywood diva in the other. Anika Noni Rose's success in The Princess and the Frog was exceptional. Definately proved to be more than just "the other Dream Girl". The light shone upon the red carpet tonight and Im excited to post these gems up for The Chic Report readers.

 Which dress do you like the best? Anika's dress is to pretty...Queen Latifah is wearing that dress and Zoe is too gorgeous...

Oscars 2010 Best Red Carpet: Sandra Bullock in Marchesa

Big win for Sandra Bullock shortly after she walked down the red carpet in a Marchesa bedazzled lace and satin frock. Bullock looked absolutely amazing with the simple straight hair and bold lips accessorised with a gold clutch. The Chic Report gives her "Best Glamourous Leading Actress". Here is also a photo from Marchesa's Fall 2010 presentation, Sandra Bullock definately tranformed this piece.

 Photos from Marie Claire via Twitter and

Oscars 2010: Best Red Carpet Moments

Its the most glamourous night in Hollywood and the stars are done playing dress up and are currently sitting at the 2010 Academy awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles CA. So far here are the best dressed celebs who graced the red carpet

Jennifer Lopez in Armani Prive as well as the Spring 2010 runway look.
Zoe Saldana looks gorgeous in this Givenchy gown. Two words...exciting volumptous! with the two toned lavender and jewelled tunic it may not have been the best look on the runway but definately a stunner!

More Pics to come...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Look Of The Day: Cassie

I Love Parisan Street Style! minimalist hues, layered ensembles comes on strong with the atmosphere. Cassie will be our "Look Of The Day" glam-star today! I adore the model-off-duty look she's pulling off. Her layered scarf goes well with the light jacket and distressed boyfriend jeans paired with these 6 inch pumps to add elegance.  So Chic! So Effortless! --- This looks screams "SPRING"!!!

Entertainment: New Music Videos

Hey Fam! and welcome new followers...this has been a hell of a month with everything from fashion week and my birthday celebrations...yes I'm finally 21, Im super exhausted but stoked by whats to come for The Chic Report! So here are a few updates before we face the weekend and as we're gearing up for the Oscars!

Estelle "Freak"

Mary J Blidge ft

Young Money "Roger That"