Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking Diversity to a Whole New Level?

This clip has me puzzled? Dont think I can recover as yet to comment...Tell me what U think...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lady Ga Ga Ultra Chic

Though she's dominating the music chats many still dont know who this LADY GA GA is. (I mean I wouldnt have known if I werent an avid follower of the Hills)> She appeared in an episode where Lauren Conrad (The Hills) and Witney Port (The City)together with Peoples Revolution styled her the night of her release party.

I love Ga Ga's album.

Just Dance - Lady GaGa ft Akon

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silly Stuff LOL

Silly Billy Lol

Even stars get star struck! LOL Latifah's funny, John Legend is soo hilarious ...

(break into single ladies right now lol)

Just reminding Us Why She's Queen B!

Im Supa excited about this movie, Sasha Fierce? Cadillac Records, now Obessed? I LOVVEEE LOVE LOVE LOVE B!

See the Trailer

I love the fact that she's taking serious roles and gets out of character. So haters she'll be around for a while I hate to break it to you : )

Dont get to close Jay wont have that! LOL

Cant wait for this movie : )

Better Late Than Never

Kinda late? I know I've been really busy but it kills me not knowing that one of the most important events of my life is not recorded on my blog!

So lets do a week in review : This week everyone and their Mama attended or tuned in for Obama's Inauguration events on Tuesday. I left classes at 10 : 00 am and ran home immediately. I wouldnt miss this for the world!

This was indeed a celebrity studded inauguration.

B, Jay, Solange, Diddy and his Mom : )

Aretha Franklin

Ri Ri was the headliner for the RIAA and Feeding America Charity ball.

B sings at inaugural ball while the first couple dances.

Alicia Keys performing No One...I LUUUUUVVVVV the look, Simple yet Chic!

My Fav Celebs performing Stevie's hit Signed Sealed Delivered...luved it

Bitter - Sweet Episode

W/e Derwin thats how it feels to be cheated on! Deal with it...LOL Malik is Hilarious!

Im Tryna put you to bed bed bed...That dance lol Go on with ur bad self boy!

LOL LOL LOL ... This is one of the funniest episodes this season LOL...Im a Game Fanatic I know!

I'm Supa Dupa Excited

So, my goal for the year 2009 was to get my hustle on. I started the year by taking a course at FIT and the notion that one needs to be "At the right place, at the right time" is just starting to unfold and take its toll. If you really know me, then you would know that I have been dieing to work at New Yorks Fashion Week. Well being a good networker can afford you countless oppurtunities. Thats why Im really proud that I am working at Fashion Week. Im doing a handfull of shows for this celebrity studded event included DIAN VON FURSTENBERG, KIMORA LEE for JC PENNY, DONNA KARAN ( DKNY ) RALPH LAUREN, Mattel Salutes Barbie and I'm also working with Kelly Cutrone from the Hills just to name a few. This is a dream come true, and I believe that this year will be an amazing year while I work towards my goals.

P.S I always wanted to work with Dian Von Furstenberg at Fashion Week because Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria (just to name a few ) always grace front seats of her shows.

So, if Diva is a female version of a hustla then I've been a diva for a minute!

Luv Ya'll TTYL

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Crack I Survive On Every Week

Ya'll already know Im an addict lol New Episode!

Lol Lol Tell me what you think : )

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Indeed this is a day where colored people look back and measure the progress made in declaring their rights and freedom as people of the human race. This post is not designed to educate you on the life and works of Dr King but rather to pay tribute to his existence. So everyone knows this civil rights leader is also famous for his inspirational speeches.I've heard a few but this one " I have a Dream" will be my all time favorite. And Hey! We're living this prediction. With Obama getting ready to take the oath tomorrow...Things are just getting better, but we cant help the fact that still in this day and age people still judge you by the color of your skin and the texture of your hair...Sad : ( but true! Listen to one of my favorite speeches by Doctor King. I HAVE A DREAM : )

God Bless America...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

TK Speaks On the Break Up

Remember Angela Simmons left Bow wow and started dating pro skate boarder TK during the last few episodes of Runs House Season 5? Now these Simmons Sisters are all grown up and have their own show Daddys Girls airing on MTV on Monday nights. The fist epsiode was ok, I mean it just reminded me of Runs House I know its the spin off but to me...just the name Daddys Girls? IDK or is it just me? Im not a hater Im all for entrepreneurship and living young fantabulous lives after all who doesnt enjoy luxury??? But sometimes I think that can be mistaken with being spoilt...Angela spoke about her ex boo TK and how he didnt respect her morals... that is no sex before marriage. TK then came with his version of the break up!!! After all theres two sides to a story.

Lol this situation is just disturbing! lol

Whats on my Ipod?

I have over two thousand songs on my ipod... and double this amount on my PC. Everything from Gospel to Reggae. I really Love music and because of my sudden mood changes lol (my friends call it bi polar) lol I usually update my playlist every day or every other day...
The last few days I've been relaxing, feeling calm, cool and just living ma life. So heres my latest song selection from my ipod. In no specific order...

Rihanna Ft Chris Brown - Bad Girl

Leona Lewis - The Best you Never Had

Ne - Yo - Mad

Britney Spears - Circus

Pussy Cat Dolls - I Hate This Part Right Here

Beyonce - Ego

Beyonce - Ave Maria

Natasha Bedingfield - These Words

Shontelle - T Shirt

Katy Perry - Hot n Cold

Usher - Appetite

Beyonce - Diva

MIA - Paper Planes

Pink - Sober

Serani - No Games

Taio Cruz - Like a Star

Michelle Williams - The Greatest

Lady GaGa - Just Dance

Lady Ga Ga - Star Struck

Solange - T.O.N.Y

Pink - Sober

Brandy - Right Here

Akon - Im So Paid

Jennifer Hudson Ft Ludaris - Pocketbook

Ludacris - One More Drink

The Dream ft Rihanna - Living A Lie

Monday, January 12, 2009

Missed the Show but Caught The Fashion : these are a few of my favorite things

Award Season is finally here and Ofcourse Queen B looks Oh so Stunning! Ok, so I missed the show because I worked Sunday night but I made sure I caught whats Hot on the red carpet! These are a few stars that impressed me!

Hayden Panettierie - Heros

Blake Lively - Gossip Girl

Debra Messing - too numerous to mention LOL latest I've seen was The Women.

JLo from the Block needs no introduction

Sexy Eva Longoria - Desperate Housewives

Taraji Henson - Thats a good look for more hood movies for you dear lady! The Curious Case of benjamin Button

America ferrera - Ugly Betty and if u didnt know then now you know

Vanessa Hudgens - High School Musical

Miley Cyrus ofcourse you know this little miss grown woman! Hannah Montana Star

Sunday, January 11, 2009

KeKe In the Spotlight

It seems like yesterday Keke Palmer starred long side academy award actress Angela Bassett in Akeelah and the Bee,and stole our hearts with her perpectuos acting skills. Keke has shared the big screen with Samuel L Jackson, Tyler Perry,Ice Cube and Queen Latifah. She's definately growing up to be a lovely young lady. Total opposite to Miley Cyrus hope she stays as sweet as she is.

Designer Urges

I've seen Rihanna rock this in a Gucci ad campaign for the tattoo heart collection. It wasnt until I went to the website that I got to see how lovely this handbag is. I like...

I Luv these unique

Game Fever's Backkkkk

Part 2

OMG OMG OMG!!! the look on his face after hearing the word "steroids" was PRICELESS...Cant wait till next week! Luv the Game

First episode for 2009!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Keyshia Cole

I soooo loved her sophmore album with hits like Let Him Go, I Remember, Shoulda Let You Go and Heaven Sent. Now keyshia is back with her third album A DIFFERENT ME. She's matured alot on this one, no more heart break songs... she shows her supporters the fun side of her and I love it!!! Although I feel she hasnt been promoting this one as much as the last, I've heard a few songs on there and she's definately doing her thing...

Promoting A Different Me

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Isn't this touching?

So, Im browsing through youtube and this is what I found. It is rumoured that Beyonce will be performing at the inauguaration. She's definately not performing Single Ladies guys lets be realistic here LOL no matter how much Sasha and Malia luvs it C'mon...but I'm excited about it wanna see what Michelle Obama's gonna wear :)
...I'm really feeling this, NOT BECAUSE ITS BEYONCE SINGING (although that may be a plus) lol but the lyrics reminds me of the night of November 4th when Barack Obama was elected President, I felt something that I never ever felt before almost tearing up. I looked out and although it was dark out there, it seemed like the dawn of a new day. I could just feel how warm peoples hearts were and for the first time NEW YORKERS were smiling [EVEN ON THE TRAIN AT RUSH HOUR] LOL
So guys listen to the song! cudnt find a better video I'm sorry LOL

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm So Excited...

New Year, New Majors this time its actually something I really want to get into, its my passion and I have boldly taken the initiative to fullfill it! I'm so proud of me :) Registered for Journalism fulltime, plus I'm taking a Fashion Styling Course at FIT - - - Fashion Insitute of Technology. This I'm sooo excited about, counting down the days and I really dont know what its going to be like. Lately, I've been going to the website to read the course description LOL silly right? Take A Look...

SXS 100 Introduction to Fashion Styling
0 credits $285.00 1.8 CEU
If you have a strong visual sense and an aptitude for working with color and proportion, consider becoming a fashion stylist, creating visual solutions for publications, media, and entertainment events. This course provides an in-depth study of the stylist's role in print and interactive media, with an emphasis on fashion and home fashion. The actual work and responsibilities of the assistant stylist and stylist from shopping and prepping merchandise to working with models and layouts are covered. The specifics of styling professionalism are taught. Program is highly interactive, with work assignments.

Some additional expenses required. Text assigned at first class.

Im also thinking about taking Fashion Event Planning Next Month when I'm done with this course!

SXE 100 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning
Are you a freelance specialist or an executive responsible for corporate promotional events? This intensive program teaches you how to formulate media plans to promote products, services, and events. Learn the tools of publicity. Program includes budgets and tips on how to formulate and direct promotional needs in order to coordinate special events for yourself or your clients.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, wardrober and show coordinator, with guests from the field

SXE 100 Introduction to Fashion Publicity and Events Planning
Are you a freelance specialist or an executive responsible for corporate promotional events? This intensive program teaches you how to formulate media plans to promote products, services, and events. Learn the tools of publicity. Program includes budgets and tips on how to formulate and direct promotional needs in order to coordinate special events for yourself or your clients.

Instructor: Barbara Berman, wardrober and show coordinator, with guests from the field

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fashion Industry In Crisis

Just when we thought things couldnt get any worst with the current state of the economy... here is it! Even the Fashion Industry is feeling the brunt of this Economic pain. New Yorks's fashion week's a celebrity studded event held in the 212's Bryant Park from the worlds most famous designers, stylist, celebs/, entertainers graced front seats of these shows. Betsey Johnson and Ver Wang two of leading designers have pulled out from the New York's Fashion Week events both making reference to the Economic Resession.

Vera Wang is best known for her celebrated bridal collection. This is the first time in Four years this Designer wont be showing her line at a New York Fashion Week Event. Also, Betsey Johnson who is best known for her outlandish feminine designs have pulled out for the first time in five years. Both designers will showcase their winter collection at smaller shows and other presentations.


The moment we have all been waiting for is finally... here cheers to 2009!
Let this year be a year of much success: economically, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I know most have drawn up their life plan for their success, lets fullfill these resolutions and make good out of this new year...

Looking back on 2008.............*This year was the year of my threshold. I've learnt so much and been through the best and the worst. I shared tears but they were patched up with soo much laughter. I lost friends but gained some really good ones. I've learned how to economize, how to budget,my personal style has improved,I've becomed closer to my family. This was the year of my growth and now as 2009 is here it is time for me to take the initiative. This year 2Kmine is my Declaration of Success. Success is not always measured by how big your pay check is or what position you hold, its about being happy with what you do, have that passion and being a hustler for comfort....*
ITS 2K MINE! Im soo ready to take it by storm so watch out!!!