Saturday, January 17, 2009

TK Speaks On the Break Up

Remember Angela Simmons left Bow wow and started dating pro skate boarder TK during the last few episodes of Runs House Season 5? Now these Simmons Sisters are all grown up and have their own show Daddys Girls airing on MTV on Monday nights. The fist epsiode was ok, I mean it just reminded me of Runs House I know its the spin off but to me...just the name Daddys Girls? IDK or is it just me? Im not a hater Im all for entrepreneurship and living young fantabulous lives after all who doesnt enjoy luxury??? But sometimes I think that can be mistaken with being spoilt...Angela spoke about her ex boo TK and how he didnt respect her morals... that is no sex before marriage. TK then came with his version of the break up!!! After all theres two sides to a story.

Lol this situation is just disturbing! lol

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