Monday, March 29, 2010

Rihanna in Christian Dior

Ahhhh Rihanna, we just cannot get enough of you, well... your sense of style and continually pushing the fashion envelope. Rihanna walked the red carpet as well as performed at the Kid's Choice Awards this weekend and as usual she looks effortlessly stunning in a Christian Dior dress straight off the Spring 2010 runway. Trust Riri to add extra edge and fabulousity to her ensembles. Ri and her styling team adding more padding to the shoulders to create that exaggerated shoulder statement. Love it!

Pay extra attention to the lucid shimmery socks and nude pumps.
Rihanna is revamping the 80's!!!

Christian Dior Spring 2010

Are you feeling this Dior dress? I am...expecially on Rihanna!

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Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I loved this outfit minus the socks. Loved her hair too!

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Deconstruction said...

Terrific outfits, but I agree, no socks please!

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Melissa said...

That dress is gorgeous!

xx, Melissa

roni said...

makeup by kim I TOTALLY agree. The socks KILLED the outfit. But that is a gorgeous dress!

SailorWifey said...

I love the SOCKS. I've bought two pairs to be worn with heels, but haven't had the courage to go for it yet.

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♥ SailorWifey