Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rappers Gone Glam!

What does JayZ, Diddy and Kanye all have in common apart from spitting lyrics and producing resounding acoustic anthems? These gentlemen have definately Gone glam taking the Fashion Industry by storm. With an inspiration and passion for music these singers have successfully merged their way up the career ladder, continously building empirers.

Diddy has his head in the game and knows how to make money MOST DEF! His urban line Sean Johns is becoming increasingly popular among other street attire.

As for Jay ? Expect the unexpected. Although Roca Wear is Rumoured to be sold for $204 million it is still very popular in the urban market.

Kanye's always spotted wearing Louis Vuittion clothing and accessories but we'd never guess he would go as far as INTERNING with LV!!! Man thats Huge! Damn i wish I would have landed that career would be set!

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