Monday, December 29, 2008

A Series of Questions

What profits you when you're so damn bitter, roaring againts the world in a tigerly fashion?
I wanna know what goes through your mind when you murmur mean despicable things?
I also wanna know how do you feel totally excluded from hearts where you were once drenched thankfully?
Why are you such a miserable sole?
Or is this a case of wretched inadquate bi polar?
I wanna know why you once welcomed me? but now you look at me in terrible disgrace?
I wanna know do you ever think of who I'd become someday?
Would my heart be torn so recklessly, not giving you a hand when you finally need one?
Do you feel the lashes of my tongue when uttering how much of a miserable sole you are?
Very soon I will be vanished from your vacinity...will you keep up the evil traits or will you sleep peacefully?
Do you care if I even share a tear when you're finally gone?
I'm I robbing you of a heart you once had but by the sudden leak of your true character it was too late to turn back?
Are you deeply and truely mad at me?
Will you ever forgive me for something I've never done to you?
or will you hold it nothing againts me continually despising my success and progress?...........This is my series of questions to you the oppressor!

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