Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rev Run's Words Of Wisdom

Good morning! You will always gravitate towards your secret desires. God doesn't answer your worded prayer as much as he answers your innermost thoughts. The Bible says the secret to prayer is to believe that you will receive what you want. Here's the problem: Most people pray for one thing and expect another. Remember that when you pray you don't get what you pray for, YOU get what you expect! (Mans ambition is his true prayer). He who worketh with a slack hand tendeth to poverty,. But the diligent shall be made rich.. Happy, Fortunate.... (Proverbs)

Hey Guys... Everyone knows that RevRun speaks some inspiring words of wisdom at the end of his show Runs House. I never knew that Rev blogged everyday on Global Grind until I went to the site. So Im making it a daily routin to post his quotes here. I hope you guys are inspired as much as I am.

My favorite one is this ...

Good morning. If you want to avoid criticism... Do nothing... Say nothing... BE NOTHING... God is Love -Rev Run

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