Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looks Im Loving: Ciara's "Little Black Dress"

Look of the Day!
A few posts ago I stressed the importance of having the versatile "Little Black Dress" as a staple in your closet. The timeless piece is an essential for a fashionista-on-a-budget, someone whose creative and like I said its cosigned by "June Ambrose" AGAIN Read Effortless Style.
One of my adventures on the quest of making this blog the best fashion + website to ever hit the web (work in progress) I've decided to do a "Look of the Day/Week" entry in order to help readers with their wardrobe choices. Ciara's fashion game is excalating, I'm not sure if its her new hair do; those soft curls and flowing extention pieces or her new toned perfect body. Whichever it is I am loving her choices thats why I've decided to give CiCi "Look of the Day". Chic Report APPROVED!

What do you think?

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