Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion Week Review: DAY 1

I cannot begin this post without acknowledging the lost of one of Fashion's most greatest icons Alexander McQueen. Died at age 40 at the height of his career will be remembered for his artisitic thematic statements made on runways, billboards, magazines and on the skin of the world's greatest celebrities. R.I.P Alexander and thank you for paving the way and bringing us nothing but ART for the past seasons. We love you Lee McQueen. The news of his passing definately left a dark cloud on the first day of New York's Fashion Week.

Hey Readers! I know I am so late with my fashion week reviews now that we're on day 3 of one of the most fabulous seasons in NYC. #NYFW !!! Well I've been super exhausted running around the By rant park tents and off site locations doing my freelance stuff with hardly anytime to sleep. But its NEVER too late to give you fashionable news now isnt it?
If you follow fashion and is familiar with the scheduling then BCBG is always on of the first designers to show at the tents. Its always exciting to see whats new on the runway and as usual BCBG Max Azria didn't let us down. Draping and light layering in light silhouettes clinched with an elastic belt was the highlight trend on the runway. Strong hues of black, white and grey elevated by 6 inch platforms made the show a great success!

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