Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Fever...

Everyone knows that I am an avid follower of The Game which airs on the CW ever since its first season. I dont really know what keeps me coming back every week to make The Game a must see. Maybe the comedy, the melancholy, the drama or Derwins cute face and sexy body! woooww lol but neither-the-less I enjoy watching The Game. Its fun and exciting and educates us on matters affecting our every day life whether you're black, hispanic, Asian or caucasion. When pro football player Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall) cheated on fiancee Melonie Barnett (Tia Mowray) in season two I thought this was the prime example of an average disfunctional relationship. It left followers in suspense and aching game fever. Now they're back with season three and just when we thought the dynamic duo Derwin and Melonie would patch things up in their relationship? He gets Janae pregnant. Poor Mel had to deal with this baby mama drama. I swear I've never gotten upset or emotional over a movie or a show before I saw this episode. Take a look.

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