Thursday, November 20, 2008

Paris Hilton...Now That's Hot!

Many may disagree but every since Paris Hilton went to jail she has been quite good, or can I say better? We've been reading less about Paris and her million and one club hits in just one night or her beef with long time bff Nicole Richie. She has proven that there is a philantropic side to her. Earlier this year she gave out an extremely generous donation for the construction of a childrens hospital in Los Angeles.
Then she was spotted in South Africa signing autographs and interacting with the fans.
But whats really hot with Paris and her beau Benji??? Rumors have it that the two have broken up because of Benji's controlling and overprotective nature. Really??? A source said that the two are still deeply in love but better off as friends. Now THATS HOT! lol

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