Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun Summer Books

Summer is all about having fun but its up to us to incorporate that in everything we do. So every summer I look for a new hobby, I've always been an avid reader and I absolutely love narratives no matter what the story line entails. I believe that reading vast amounts of pieces fuels your creativity when writing and expressing ideas. So this summer I made a vow to myself that I would read ATLEAST 50 fun books (Im not half way because Im always on the run) but I dont think I would have read that many books in such a short space of time if I hadnt set this goal for myself. So amongst all the books I've read I'm recommending three of them to you guys.

La Candy

by Lauren Conrad

Huge Huge Huge Stereotype! Before I read this book I thought it was a behind the scenes of what really happened on The Hills. Wasnt too interested but I thought I'd support Lauren Conrad and I was so anxious to find out why she left The Hills! So i bought the book and too my surprise its the TOTAL OPPOSITE! This book has drama, its fun, it left me in suspense after every page I read and Im really impressed by LC's first novel. Nothing like The Hills like people thought it would be...

Hollywood is like HighSchool with Money

by Zoey Dean

Drama!!!! Drama!!! Drama!!! Yes Hollywood drama! This book is about a young girl moving to LA to work with a huge film company and uses her bosses daughters (16 years) to get to the top. While she's at it hurting everyone in the process! So Hollywood you guys should definately buy it!!!

Confessions of a Shopholic

by Sophie Kinsella

Really cute book if you love fashion and shopping. Im sure everyone has seen the movie!

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