Monday, June 14, 2010

Rachel Roy Octopus Ring

In case you're wondering why The Chic Report loves Rachel Roy so much then this should answer your question. This week my overwelming obsession with one of a kind rings continues. I praise the Rachel Roy collections season after season merely because her work carries a flirtacious edge pushing fashion boudaries to create the most impeccable pieces. Ladies! When I saw this Octopus cocktail glam ring I immediately fell in love. Sparkles, Pearls... a definate summer must have.


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

It's a beautiful ring!

Anna Katrina said...

wow i simply adore this ring! its amazingg

Anna Katrina

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Cool post, awesome ring. Kind of like nOire's jewelry.
Your follow didnt show up, maybe it was a mistake.
Im now following you though.

Fabnay said...

I do not have to wonder why. This is just a one of a kind ring. I want it.