Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nia Long Covers Pride Magazine

Nia Long Covers PRIDE magazine...Congrats to her! I love Nia Long I watched her in Smart Guy, Fresh Price of Belair, Are we there Yet? and Are we don't yet...and the list goes on! She's a dedicated actress and holds that respect. I remembered working backstage Fashion Week in the tents, I was done dressing my model and we're standing around...I looked to my right standing less than an arm length away from me...Its Nia Long! I was star struck ed. Yeah! So its obvious that I love her.She's been doing her thing in the industry for a while now. So I'm taking in my daily dose of Celebrity Gossip last night and there was Nia Long. Beautiful photo, wonderful features I couldn't help but saying Waaaawww!!! But I missed the headlines AND U KNOW I'M SO TEAM BEYONCE! but I started reading the interview and apparently Obsessed was mentioned. First of all let me say I know exactly what she meant and its natural for us human being to feel that way regardless of our career but she said something that had me going,"Hm mm...So Not true". She said "If you’re a singer not an actress, you should sing. If you’re a rapper, you should rap". There is absolutely Nothing wrong with exploring. Concreteloop has "Stay in your lane" what is your lane? We're human being we don't have to be a master of all Trades! I was also very upset because she kept going on about black actresses and the quality of their work is suffering. I have too much to say but Nia that was kind of catty, not a good Look!

Congrats to u tho...

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