Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solange New Shaved Hair Do

Solange kinda gave her twitter bugs a hint that she was about to or already shaved off all her hair sometime last week. Apparently the Papz caught her out dropping off her son and the haters are on the rise! She's a trending topic on twitter ha ha and Solo Miss twitterbug by the way is tweeting her heart out today ...

"listen. if. i. wanted. to. make. a. statement. i. would. have. twitpic'd. photo shoot. ect. i. was. simply. taking. my. son. to. school"

"stupid. paps. took. pic. ive. had. my. hair. cut. like. this. for. two. weeks. i. was. NOT. inspired. by anyone. but. my. self."

"i. have. done. this. twice. in. my. life. i. was 16. i was 18. did. not care about your opinion. then. dont. care. now"

"i. just. wanted. to. be. free. from. the. bondage. that. black. women sometimes. put. on. themselves. with. hair"---Ha Ha

Leave her alone Dammit! Y arent u mad at Cassie...LaLa...Rihanna...Even Britney for heavens sake! People she's only human and it your opinion if you dont like or wont do such but keep it to yourselves! I like Risk takers!!! Go Solo

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