Friday, November 27, 2009

Looks Im Loving

Looks of the Week
Chanel Iman's ensemble is always super chic, trendy and classy but this look stands out because of the makeup she's wearing. I love the colors Chanel has going on, its very rare that you find Chanel with heavy makeup unless its a shoot, red carpet or runway. She's a pretty girl nonethe less, but this look is working for her.

As you all know Rihanna's R Rated album was released this week and ofcourse her album release party was right around that same time. I adore the dress she's wearing, its simple from the first glance but if you look at the detailing its rick with spiky embelishments adding edgy to her simple yet sophisticated look. Notice Ri Ri isnt wearing accessories just a pair of barely visible earrings. Oh how can I forget BOLD RUBY RED LIPS, cute! Ladies take note!

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