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Street Chic: Erika Style Activist

It is not very often that you would come across a young style savvy young lady that is the exact epitome of CHIC. During New York's Fashion Week IFB held their semi annual conference at the Hudson Hotel where I was granted the opportunity to meet so many fashion bloggers. Everyone was in the house, from Bryan Boy,  Suzie of Style Bubble as well as the curator of the famous Among the shuffling of business cards, inspirational as well as not so inspiring presentations and a few glasses of wine, I met Erika of Style Activist  (great personality might I add) and from here on I've become an avid reader of her blog. She drives creativity, personality and fun to her ensembles so with the launch of the new and improved Street Chic (an extended forum for personal style), I've decided to have Erika The Style Activist share some information with you... 

  • .Define "Chic" in terms of your personal style.

Chic is pulling something off in an effortless manner - you're looking fabulous and everyone knows it. Nobody likes an outfit that makes you go “poor girl is trying too hard.” I feel chic when I put on my favorite girly dress; its the moment that I feel instantaneously pretty and suddenly, I am walking on a cloud. It’s just a big giant fantasyland for me, one in which I can do no wrong.

  • What are your top three outlets to shop and top 3 favorite designers?

Oooo, this is a toughy. I mean, truthfully it changes a lot with the seasons - I am such a girly girl so a designer that makes something that is me, just eats me up and swallows me whole. Totally not a bad thing, mind you. And I am such an online-shopaholic...

Shopping outlets, and let’s say this is in my ‘currently obsessing over...’ category: Topshop (the ethereal-like lookbook really has my engine revving), I always love shopping at H&M for staple pieces, and I am totally obsessing over vintage online shops., Persephone Vintage, LA Vintage are just a few.

And as for my favorite designers? I will always love Chanel - this is an obvious in everyone’s “favorites”. But, once again, in my ‘currently obsessing over category’, we have: Marchesa, Sass and Bide, and Haute Hippie.

  • If there's anything from the Spring 2011 runway you'd splurge on what would it be?

Picking one is just about near impossible - because if I could have one entire line it would be Marchesa’s. But this is probably the one that I could see myself in the most, and a lot -

  • What's that key product in your closet and makeup kit you can't live a day without?

Key item in my closet has got to be my slate grey off-the-shoulder dress. First of all, summer is my favorite season, so I just love a mini dress and heels and chunky jewelry. And then I just love to blowout my hair and then the sun-kissed skin completes the look. Ahhh, I am dreading winter already, hmph.

And I can absolutely not live without my BareMinerals products. They freshen me up, and while being light and smooth, they will hide any blemish or dark circle kind-of-day that I may be having. Seriously little life savers!
  • Who is your style icon? 
    Oh em gee, this is another toughy! OK I am totally going to say the unexpected and say right now I just can’t get enough of Katy Perry. She is totally weird (but I love it) and while being weird with her wigs and flamingo dresses - she always looks flawless. I just need a little crazy in my life - and that is totally Katy Perry. From her pink cheeks, to her sequin hot pants, I am in love. Yup, I said it.

    Brief us on "Erika the Style Activist".
  • Style Activist is all about finding yourself in fashion. I want to activate your inner stylista and bring out your confidence, too. There is so much fun to be had in fashion and I hate the idea of anyone taking it too seriously. I am young (21) and I love wearing something that makes my roommates react with a, “what the hell is that?!” It’s all a discovery of what buttons we can push and how many rings we can wear on one hand - fashion is supposed to be fun and I want my readers to see that through my blog. I am sassy, and in my world I can be very controversial. I like to laugh and wear heels when no one would expect it. Life is too short to ever say, “Damn, I wish I would have dressed chic today.”

Thank you so much for your sharing your insight on style with The Chic Notebook.
For more on Erika visit her blog The Style Activist ....

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