Monday, November 1, 2010

Interview: Tasha Robinson of Imperfect Concepts

How thrilled will you be if you found out that affordable offers from some of everyone's favorite high end designers are literally right at your finger tips? Intelligence, a sense of style and a unique approach to conquering an online niche made it all possible. Allow me to introduce you to Tasha Robinson the owner the  luxurious online boutique Imperfect Concepts. The Chic Notebook held an exclusive Q & A with the style savvy entrepreneur and business owner for an insight on the background of her boutique, what's trendy as well as an inside scoop and advice on making and breaking it in online fashion retail.

What is "Imperfect Concepts"?
Is a dream that became reality a little over 15 months ago for me. Imperfect Concepts is a high-end women’s online resale shop. We cater to the woman who wants to be fabulous in her day-to-day life without emptying her pocketbook to get there.

Brief us on the start up of your boutique and its background.
The start up was a process that I thought about but really didn’t think about it if you understand what I am saying. I always use the example of remodeling a house vs building that house from the ground up. I knew that my company was basically going to be like Ebay’s “Buy it Now” process, selling great pieces at the fraction of the price. I thought I was going to reinvent what Ebay was doing to fit my company. When I realized it couldn’t work that way, I knew I'd be laying all the foundation and going on a path I hadn't traveled yet, but I always knew my journey was going to be a great story like The Great Gatsby!

Describe your target "it girl"?
My “It Girl” is the girl who not only dances to beat of her own drum but the one who leads the band with her beat. She wears what she feels great in all the time and doesn’t care what others think. She's comfortable in her own skin.
My fave Hollywood “It Girls” are Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Hudgens & Nicole Richie. Yes, all them are bohemian chic girls!

As a rising entrepreneur I'm sure you've sprinted across a few hurdles on your way up, what advice would you give to someone who wants to enter this business?
Have a tough skin and do what makes you happy. You can't (and won't!) please everyone with every decision you make, so don’t try. I tell people I go to bed happy every night and wake up feeling awesome everyone morning. I make that conscience decision to run my own race and focus on my goals and myself. It's hard not to listen to others especially close friends. You can paint a masterpiece in your eyes but to other it looks like crap. "Oh well" to that because only you can truly see the vision you are painting. Remain true to yourself and your vision. Have affirmations you say daily. Surround yourself with positivity at all times.

We're officially in the midst of Fall and as the seasons progress so does style. Show us a few transitional pieces we will find on "Imperfect Concepts" this season?
The Calvin Klein Trench coat is a main staple piece for the Fall. Every woman, man and even child needs a good trench coat. I'd also say YSL boots. They have a low heel and be worn dressy or with a causal look. The Valentino & Moschino jackets are also great pieces to own. Finally I would say the Banana Republic dress which is a staple that translates from winter to spring. It is great when your wardrobe can transition season to season without going out and buying new clothes every time a new season rolls around.

What price points should The Chic Notebook's reader's expect? Any bargains for frugal shoppers?
Imperfect Concepts is a great place for the frugal shopper to pick up pieces for their wardrobe. Prices range from $15 to $500 dollars, with the average price being about $35. Also, if they are fans on facebook or twitters they get exclusive discount codes all the time.

Are there any recurring labels? What are your best sellers?
Being that the store is a resale boutique it is kinda hard to have recurring labels or brands in the store. We do have a couple; they are Marc Jacobs, Gucci, YSL, Juicy Couture, Tory Burch & Theory. Marc Jacobs is always a great seller along with Yves Saint Laurent.

Lets take a look in your closet. What's that staple that you can't live without?
I cant live without my Habitual Jeans, Michael Kors gold watch, basic white tanks and vnecks from Barney’s, TOMS shoes, Louis Vuitton 40 Speedy & Lovely ballet flats and my Christian Louboutin Mary Jane heels. Those are my staples. I'm wearing at least one this items daily -- I call them my trademarks!

Do you think "Imperfect Concepts" reflects your personal style"? Or what's trendy at the moment?
I think it’s a mixture of both worlds blending very well together. I'm far from trendy, but I know my customers want trendy pieces for a fraction of the cost. For example, right now, I'm on the hunt for Faux fur coats (which will hit the store soon) because it's on trend and several customers have requested them. I love faux fur, and at the same time, can cater to my clients, so it really just depends on the trend.

What longterm goals do you have for your boutique?
I'm focusing on what is before me. Imperfect Concepts just took a huge leap becoming a partner store with reFINE style. It is a huge step the store just took so I’m extremely happy about that. Naturally, I want to see that partnership flourish and who knows where that will take the company in the next six to 12 months. I have my mind focused on a couple things and I'm realizing my dream with those things so 
they can become my reality.

Thank you so much Tasha! We wish you all the best in your endeavors and thank you so much for bringing affordable high end merchandise to us. For more on Tasha and Imperfect Concepts visit her boutique at and follow her on twitter @ImperfectConcept 

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