Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beauty Report 101: How To Get The Look

Its Fall, well not officially especially not with this humid climate it isn't. Well we at The Chic-Report would like to think so since in a few hours designers and makeup guru's will be revealing the "it" fashion and beauty trends for the Spring on the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Move over summer it's time to give Fall its reign. Stylistically speaking, we're all looking for ways incorporate our bright summer staples into the fall, and frugal shoppers would tell you that your face could help you acquire the look du jour. Perhaps you're the Kelly Cutrone of fashion, it's always all black everything or dark on dark ensembles, that is quite okay because we have a tip that will work for you.  There is something about a bright lip and a soft eye that I can't seem to get enough of. Perhaps its the play on a vibrant hue contrasting neatly brisked lashes? Among the many beauty trends this fall, the soft flirtatious pink lip has some how revamped and this time better than ever. The Hills star Lo Bosworth walked the red carpet at the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards with a gorgeous statement lip. Read on and learn how to get Lo's look...


The key to executing the perfect lip no matter what swatch or texture is contour. Take time to line your lip effortlessly, it makes a big difference. If you're looking for a lacquer that will remain on your lip and less on your champagne glass at dinner then you should try dabbing your lip with concealer before applying the lipstick and a touch of gloss always does the trick.

Try This: Revelon Matte Pink Lipstick $7.99


A bold lip pairs effortlessly with a clean eye. Too many colors only add a clownish effect to your look. It is important that you keep you eye area less dramatic that means apply a skin tone shadow, less but more effective coats of mascara and a light pencil.

Try This: Maybelline Volume Express Lift-Up Mascara $6 at your local drug store.

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