Thursday, September 2, 2010

Style Inspiration for Labor Day Weekend.

We're approaching another long holiday weekend. Another official stamp that the days of summer are slowly winding down and with back to school, work and all other "to-do's", this may be the last time we get to wear a fully fledged summer outfit. After all we can still mix our summer pieces with a few fall stamples. Sanaa Lathan (one of my favorite actresses by the way) was spotted in LA and although she's wearing the simplest pieces they're also cute and comfortable and ofcourse on trend.
Use this set as inspiration....

$164 -

$70 -

$200 -

$530 -

$45 -

156 GBP -

184 GBP -

19 GBP -

$15 -

18 GBP -

Beyonce cover SELF Mag
I hope this set inspires you in both the fashion and beauty department. Have a fabulously-chic weekend.

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