Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"All Black Everything"...

Jayz and Jeezy said it and folks are just loving it! This fall the "all black everything" phrase is a fashion rule. Whether its partying, industry events, runway or the red carpet fashionistas give the trend its own twist with oversized accessories, bright silettos, cute clutches or just fabulous accessories making the trend effortlessly chic. To the left is Solange and her little cutie Juelz at New York fashion week.
New York Fashion Week
Angela Simmons

Kim Kardashion -

My favorite look she looks super cute.

DSquared Eyewear Event

Hilary Duff


Paris Fashion Week





Kerry Washington

Ok so this isnt all black everything its mostly black and I absolutely love it.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 Collection

Me and my girls backstage at the Baby Phat Show.

Hope you love the post!

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Nice picture girls