Saturday, October 3, 2009

Solange is caught in a Fashionista's Bee Hive!

Though Solange Knowles is such a charming and down to earth entertainer, mother, fashionista (and the list goes on), she was simply aglow to feature in Honey Magazine this month. Now you must be wondering do I know? Well ...tweet...tweet...tweet...Duh! Twitter! I follow most of the Honey Magazine staff and ofcourse their new cover girl Solange so I've been seeing the back and forth tweets. On Saturday September 19th I attended the WEEN "Dont Judge Me Empower Me" event in Harlem and (one of Honey Mag's Editors was a member the career panel) during the event I'm checking my twitter page and Charles Wade is tweeting from the set of the shoot. Here are the pics we've all been waiting for.

Solo looks super cute with her new hair cut and bold street attire. Stylistically speaking if you have been reading magazines, popped by a store or seen just about any of the spring runway shows of New York and Paris, no doubt that the look du jour is all about bold earth tone colors —without any dispute. While the look has been in our wardrobes for countless seasons, lately designers are turning their attention towards bold ubiquitous colors, textures, acessories pieces while stylists like Honey Mag's Charles Wade are exploring these bold silhouettes and styles. I am in love with the new shoot featuring Solange. She has so much potential and has made this fashion feature seem Effortless.

For the interview and more pics check out my favorite online magazine SOLO IN THE CITY and dont forget to join the bee hive.

Source: Honey Magazine

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